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Anecdotes on the Condemnation of gossip/backbiting

Shaykh Husayn al-Awaaishah

1 – It is reported from al-Hasan al-Basri (may Allah have mercy on him) that a man said to him: “You have gossiped about me.”
He (al-Hasan) said: “You have not reached such a position that you can control my Hasanat!”
[Translator’s Note: The Islamic teaching is that the Hasanat (good deeds) of the one who gossips will be awarded to the victim.]

2 – Someone was told: “So-and-so has gossiped about you” – so he sent him a dish of dates, with the message: “I heard that you had given me your Hasanat as a gift, and I want to return the favour; please excuse me for not being able to pay back in full.”

3 – It was reported from Ibn Mubarak (may Allah have mercy on him) that he said: “If I were to gossip about anyone, I would gossip about my parents, for they have more right to my Hasanat.”

4 – Backbiting is the hospitality of the wrongdoer.

5 – From Amr ibn al-As (radhiallahu `anhu); He passed by a dead mule, and said to some of his companions: “It would be better for a man to eat his fill from the meat of this than from the flesh of his fellow-Muslims.” [Sahih al-Targhib at-Tarhib]

6 – A man mentioned something bad about another to his friend.
His friend said to him: “Do you go out and fight against the Romans?”
He said, “No.”
His friend asked: “Do you go out and fight against the Turks?”
He said, “No.”
The friend said: “The Romans are safe from you, and the Turks are safe from you, but your Muslim brothers are not safe from you!”

7 – If you are unable to do three things, then you must do three (other) things:
if you cannot do good, then stop doing evil;
if you cannot benefit people, then do not harm them;
if you cannot fast, then do not eat the flesh of the people.

8 – The poet said: “If a man is wise and fears Allah,
This will keep him too busy to concern himself with the faults of others,
Just as the weak and sick person is concerned with his own pain
To think of the pain of others.”


2 Responses to “• backbiting •”

  1. Hamid Says:


    Subhanallah how great were our salaf-saliheen and how worst we are.

    Imagine having just one tongue people do a lot of BB(backbiting) what they would have done with 2 tongues if were given just like 2 eyes,ears,etc

    The pain of a sword cut will be felt by the skin but that of a flamed tongue by the most fragrile and delicate organ- heart.

    People should know that a fractured bone can be settled back,a broken toy can be joined back but a broken heart cannot be joined.

    All other thngs makes pretty sounds when they break but heart remains silent but feel immense pain.

    The one who thinks to break someones heart by his/her tongue should know that they too have a fragrile heart in thier chest.

    Ya rabbi make my tongue small and my hands big so that i may talk too little and work too much..A’meen

  2. Amina Says:

    41:12 “commands” us not to back-bite. It’s not a suggestion. It’s a commandment. Thus, back-biting has no place in the Muslim ummah.

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