• a • benefit • from • damascus •

Ibn Abee Haatim(.328H) Rahimahullaah said
‘I entered Damascus and came upon the students of hadeeth, and I passed by the circle of Qaasim al Joo’ee (d.248 AH). I found a  group sitting around him and he was speaking. Their appearance amazed me; and I heard him saying
‘Seize the benefit of five things from the people of your time:
When you are present,you are not known;
When you are absent you are not missed;
When you are seen,your advice is not sought;
When you say something, your saying is not accepted;
And when you have some knowledge,you are not given anything for it.
I also advise you with five matters:
When you are treated unjustly,do not behave unjustly;
When you are praised,do not become happy;
When you are criticized, do not become upset;
When you are not believed,do not become angry;
And if people act deceitfully towards you, do not act deceitfully towards them

Ibn Abee Haatim said:’ So I took that as my benefit from Damascus.’

Related by Ibn al Jawzee in Sifatus-safwah( 2/200).


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  1. muhaajir Says:

    beautiful, jzk

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