• our • Lord, • deliver •

Aishah said, “I said to the Messenger of Allah, ‘Does the lover remember the one he loves on the Day of Resurrection?‘ He said, ‘O Aishah, as for three [situations] then no; at the Balance until it is heavy or light, then no; when the books are scattered and one is given his either with his right or with his left, then no; and when a neck from the Hellfire comes out and embraces them, raging over them, it will say, ‘I have been entrusted with three – with he who claims a god besides Allah, I have been entrusted with he who does not believe in the Day of Accountability, and I have been entrusted with the haughty, stubborn man.’ It will embrace them and throw them in the midst of the Hellfire. And the Hellfire has a bridge [over it] that is thinner than a hair and sharper than the sword; upon it are hooks and sharp thorns made of iron, taking whoever Allah pleases. People will go over it like the blinking of an eye, like lightning, like racing horses and mounts. And the angels will be saying, ‘Our Lord, deliver, our Lord, deliver.’ There will be he who is delivered and is in good condition, he who is saved but is scratched, and he who is rolled over into the Hellfire in his face.’


-ibn katheer’s an-nihaayah fil-fitan wal-malaahim pgs 387-388


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