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The Character of the Believer

taken from ihyaa uloom ad-deen, by imam al-ghazali

imaam al- Ghazali (rahimahullah) says:

قد جمع بعضهم علمات حسن الخلق [Some of them i.e. certain righteous people have gathered together the marks of ‘perfection of character’]

فقال هو ان يكون [And he has said that a person be]:

1. كثير الحياء [Abundantly modest, shy]

2. قليل الاذى [Rarely bothering (others)]

3. كثير الصلاح [Abundantly righteous]

4. صدوق اللسان [Truthful of tongue]

5. قليل الكلام [Rarely speaking]

6. كثير العمل [Abundant in works (spiritual works)]

7. قليل الزلل [Rarely slipping (sinning)]

8. قليل الفضول [Seldom curious (nosy)]

9. برا [Righteous]

10. وصولا [Keeping one’s ties]

11. صبورا [Patient, steadfast]

12. شكورا [Thankful]

13. رضيا [Content, pleased]

14. حليما [Forebearing, clement]

15. رفيقا [Gentle, kind]

16. عفيفا [Continent, self-respecting, modest]

17. شفيقا [Tender]

18. لا لعانا [Not cursing]

19. لا سبابا [Not insulting]

20. لا نماما [Not carrying tales]

21. لا مغتابا [Not backbiting]

22. لا عجولا [Not hasty]

23. لا حقودا [Not hating (others)]

24. لا بخيلا [Not miserly]

25. لا حسودا [Not envious]

26. بشاشا هشاشا [Cheerful, easy-going]

27. يحب في الله [Loving for the sake of Allah]

28. يبغض في الله [Detesting for the sake of Allah]

29. يرضى في الله [Accepting for the sake of Allah]

30. يغضب في الله [Anger for the sake of Allah]

فهذا هو حسن الخلق [So this is perfect character]


3 Responses to “• a • believer’s • character •”

  1. m Says:

    and this is a perfect entry. subhanAllaah! jazaa killah khair katheeran

  2. istiqaamah Says:

    wa iyaaki habeebati

    may Allah bless you

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    […] Source […]

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