• four • traits • of • the • believer •

The believer socializes in order to know, and is silent in order to be safeguarded, and speaks in order to understand, and secludes away in order to become enriched

– Wahb bin Munabbih (rahimahullaah)

[Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa’ 4/551]

7 Responses to “• four • traits • of • the • believer •”

  1. bint Husayn Says:

    I see you still keepin’ it real – mashaAllah.

  2. istiqaamah Says:

    hehe tryin my best habibti

    i was thinking one day u n i should conference call iki

    what do u say?

  3. bint Husayn Says:

    yeah that’d be great,

  4. istiqaamah Says:


    let me kno by email what times r good for u inshaAllah.. we’ll surprise her

  5. =O Says:

    asslm alkm wr wb

    im jealous! (in a go0d way)…

  6. istiqaamah Says:

    wa alaykum as-salaam wa rahmatullah ukhti

    do you still keep your xanga?

  7. =D Says:

    Yaaa ukhtee, no, at the moment, I am posting some stuff on Moderates Refuted and use xanga for private entries. I am working on stuff right now and will notify you of any sites in the near future inshaAllaah ta’ala. You’re in my beautiful du’at… please keep me in yours. =D

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