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Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

Verily the great imaams used to forbid the usage of doubtful innovated general terms. In them, the truth is covered with falsehood, along with that, it causes doubt and differing and tribulation (fitnah) which are in opposition to the narrated terminology, and those terms whose meanings have not been fully explained. So whatever is narrated can be made familiar, and whatever is known can be made known. As Imaam Maalik said: ‘If there is little knowledge, futility becomes manifest, and if there are few narrations, the desires increase.’ So if a word is neither textually proven nor is its meaning known to the intellect, then it is useless and full of desires…”

Dar Ta’aarudhul ‘Aql Wan Naql (1/271)


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