• if • you • yawn • during • prayer •

Abu Muhammad Abdullah Ibnu Abee Zaid Al-qayraawanee [1] was asked concerning a person who felt it necessary to yawn during the prayer [Salaah]. Was [it permissible] for him to cover his mouth with his hand whilst yawing in Salaah?

He answered: “Yes, there is no problem with that.”

Fataawa Ibnu Abee Zaid Al Qayrawaani. Fatwa no.71 page 121

[1] He is Abu Muhammad Abdullaah Ibnu Abee Zayd Abdur–Rahmaan Annafzee al-Qayrawaanee, nicknamed Maalik as-Sageer. [Little Maalik] for his in-depth knowledge of Imaam Malik Ibn Anas’ opinions on the subsidiary issues of the Sharee’ah. He was born in the year 310 AH corresponding to 922 CE in the north of Tunisia; he studied with the major scholars of his time and the number of his teachers exceeded to over 50. He authored over 38 books. One of his famous books is Muqaddamatul-Qayrawaanee, which is an explanation of the Salafi Aqeedah. Ibnu Abee Zayd al-Qayrawaanee died in the year 386 A.H. on Monday evening in the month of Sha’baan at the age of 76.


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  1. Musalee Says:

    Very informative, jzk. Please share more on yawning during prayer.

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