• say • to • the • immoral • woman •

these lines of poetry are from a book called “A Warning Regarding the Dangers of the Beauty Salon and the Hair Stylist” by Umm Abdir-Rahmaan Al-Imaam. The way these Western notions of beauty contradict the Fitrah really comes through when you read the words of those in the past who were not influenced by these corrupt ideas.

The poet said:

Say to the immoral woman who has let her nails grow long *** Indeed, due to fear, I was close to escaping like a fugitive on the run!

Long nails are for the wild animals she should ponder upon *** When have we ever seen the antelopes with claws?

Just yesterday, you cut your hair like an assassin *** and removed the nature of your eyebrow

Tomorrow we will see you moving your front tooth *** And eliminating your nose despite it being set straight!

page 28-29; from the English translation of the book by Aboo ‘Imraan Al-Mekseekee

3 Responses to “• say • to • the • immoral • woman •”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    asslm alkm wr wb sweeet ukhtee


  2. istiqaamah Says:

    Wa Alayki As-Salaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh cutie :)

  3. umm ayaan Says:

    “Just yesterday, you cut your hair like an assassin” – That made me smile. *smiles*

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