• there’s • nothing • like • it •

‘Alee ibn Khashram said:

I have never seen Wakee’ with a book in his hands, rather, he has everything memorized. So I asked him about the remedy for memorizing, and he said:

If I told you the remedy, will you use it?”

I said: “By Allaah indeed.”

He said: “Leaving sins, for I have not experienced anything like it for memorizing.”

Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa‘ 9/151


One Response to “• there’s • nothing • like • it •”

  1. Abe Ik Says:

    The Poem of Ash Shaafi’ee RA comes to mind:

    I complained to Wakee of my bad memory,

    Thus he advised me to leave disobediences,

    And taught me that the knowledge of Allaah is a light…

    and the light of Allaah is not granted to a disobedient.


    And I say also quoting from the Imaam which is my condition:

    “I love the pious and am not of them….

    So Allaah may grant me Piety…”

    And I say:

    “Time maybe near that the Messenger come to take me…

    while all I have is a hope from His mercy to forgive me…”

    Was Salaam

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