• true • taqwaa •

Abu Zur’ah ar-Raazee (died 264A.H.) said:

My ears have never heard anything of knowledge except that it has rested upon my heart (i.e. I have memorized it).

Whilst I would walk through the market of Baghdad, I could hear the sound of female singers from the rooms, so I would put my fingers in my ears (to block out the sound) out of fear that it may rest upon my heart (i.e. I may end up memorizing the words)

– Al-Hifth – Ahmiyyatuhu, ‘Ajaa’ibuhu, Tareeqatuhu, Asbaabuhu p.19; and Taareekh Baghdaad 15/333

One Response to “• true • taqwaa •”

  1. ansaari Says:

    jazaa’kallah khayran wa ahsanul jazaa

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