• Allah’s • jazaa’• vs • the • taaghoot’s • jazaa’ •

From the words of Shaykh Abū Muhammad Al-Maqdisī

“And that is why I tell the enemies of Allāh during their interrogations of me, and during their offers and threats which they sometimes give me, attempting to win me over to collaborate with them and work with them; [I tell them]: “It would be more realistic, and easier, if you were to collaborate with me – rather than me collaborating and working with you. For I consider you as enemies, and as Kuffār. And I declare you to be Kuffār, and I also declare anyone who assists you against the Muslims, as Kuffār also. So is it logical to think that I would work at a post, whose people I label as Kuffār? And is it logical that I would collaborate with my enemies?

And even if I were to work with you – you could never pay me the payment which Allāh has promised me if I fulfill my obligations towards Him, firm in patience and sincerity. And if you were to work with me, and you became Helpers of the Dīn of Allāh – then your payment, if you are sincere, is a Paradise, the width of which is the Heavens and the Earth. So what is your government’s salaries and wages worth, in front of a Paradise the width of which is the Heavens and the Earth?

And if you were to work with me, you would be committing treason – according to your terminology – against your country. But this is something trivial, and is weightless in comparison to treason against Allāh and His Dīn. And the penalty sentenced by the country upon your treason, is nothing in front of the Torment of Allāh which I will go through if I were to betray His Dīn by working for you. Likewise, if you lose your country’s salary and wage, this is nothing in comparison to losing a Paradise, the width of which is the Heavens and the Earth. And that is the evident loss. This is why you working with me is more realistic, and easier, than me working with you.”

Excerpted from:

From the Fruits of Jihād – A Balanced View
Eighteen: They Will Not Be Harmed By Those Who Oppose Them

Jumāda Ath-Thānī  1425


4 Responses to “• Allah’s • jazaa’• vs • the • taaghoot’s • jazaa’ •”

  1. sayyidoon Says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Very nice new look!

    Simplicity leads to perfection and everything in its perfection returns to its reality, is my idea of beauty.

  2. suzie Says:

    A true hero in this time of ignonimy

  3. istiqaamah Says:

    jazaak Allah khayran akhi, and thank you for the honesty with the last “look”

  4. sayyidoon Says:

    Wa Iyyaakum Ukhti

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