• the • Salaf’s • love • for • the • Prophet •

Section 3: On what is related from the Salaf and the Imams about their love for the Prophet and their yearning for him

Abu Hurayra said that the Messenger of Allah said, “Those in my community with the strongest love for me are the people who will come after me. Some of them would give their family and wealth to have seen me.” (Muslim and al-Bukhari) There is something similar from Abu Dharr.

The hadith of ‘Umar, I love you more than myself,” has already been cited. There are similar things from other Companions.

‘Amr ibn al-‘As said, “There is no one I love better than the Messenger of Allah.”

‘Abda bint Khalid ibn Ma’dan said, “Khalid never went to bed without remembering how he yearned for the Messenger of Allah and his Companions among the Muhajirun and Ansar, and he would name them. He said, ‘They are my root and branch, and my heart longs for them. I have yearned for them a long time. My Lord, hasten my being taken to You!'”

It is related that Abu Bakr said to the Prophet, “By the One who sent you with the truth, I would be happier if Abu Talib [the Prophet’s uncle] were to become Muslim than if Abu Quhaafah [his own father] were to. That is because the Islam of Abu Talib would delight you more.”

‘Umar ibn al-Khattab told al-‘Abbas, “Your becoming a Muslim is dearer to me than al-Khattab becoming a Muslim because it is dearer to the Messenger of Allah.”

Ibn Ishaq said that the father, brother and husband of one of the women of the Ansar were killed in the Battle of Uhud fighting for the Messenger of Allah. She asked, “What has happened to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace?” They said, “He is as well as you would like, praise be to Allah!” She said, “Show him to me so I can look at him.” When she saw him, she said, “Every affliction is as nothing now that you are safe.”

‘Ali ibn Abi Talib was asked, “How was your love for the Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “By Allah, we loved him more than our wealth, our sons, our fathers and our mothers, and more than cold water in a time of great thirst.”

Zayd ibn Aslam said, ‘Umar went out at night to observe the people and saw a lamp in a house where an old woman was teasing some wool, saying:

The prayer of the good be upon Muhammad, may the blessed bless him!

I was standing in tears before dawn. If only I knew,when death gives us different forms,

Whether the Abode will join me to my beloved!”

She meant the Prophet. ‘Umar sat down in tears.

When Bilal was near death, his wife called out, “O sorrow!” Bilal said, “What joy! I will meet those I love, Muhammad and his party!”

It is related that a woman said to ‘A’isha, “Show me the grave of the Messenger of Allah.” She showed it to her and the woman wept until she died.

When the Makkans drove Zayd ibn ad-Dathima out of the Haram to kill him, Abu Sufyan ibn Harb said to him, “I ask you by Allah, Zayd, don’t you wish that Muhammad were with us now to take your place so that we could cut off his head, and you were with your family?” Zayd said, “By Allah, I would not wish Muhammad to be now in a place where even a thorn could hurt him if that was the condition for my being with my family!” Abu Sufyan remarked, “I have not seen any people who love anyone the way the Companions of Muhammad love Muhammad.”

Ibn ‘Abbas said, “When a woman came to the Prophet (i.e. from Makkah to Madina), he made her take an oath that she had not left because of her husband’s wrath or desire for a new land and that she had only left out of love for Allah and His Messenger.”

Ibn ‘Umar stood over Ibn az-Zubayr after he had been killed and asked for forgiveness for him and said, “By Allah, according to what I know you were someone who fasted and prayed and loved Allah and His Messenger.”


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