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Ibn Al-Qayyim, Rahimahullaah, said:

“And the Dayyouth is the most vile of Allah’s creation, and Jannah is forbidden for him, (because of his lack of Ghayrah – jealousy).

The foundation of the Religion is Ghayrah, and the one without Ghayrah is one without Religion, for Ghayrah protects the heart and enlivens the limbs, and shields one from evil and lewdness, and lack of Ghayrah kills the heart so that the limbs die, so that there remains not even shielding from [the minor things].

And the example of Ghayrah in the heart is the example of the strength that shields one from sickness and fights it off, so if the strength leaves, he will be faced with the sickness, and will not find any thing to protect himself from it, so it will establish itself [within him] and destroy him .”

Ad-Daa’ Wad-Dawaa’, p.77

Shaykh Husayn Ibn Mahmood, hafidhahullaah, said about the current state of the Ummah:

“The Ghayrah in the hearts of many of the people has died, and the sensibilities have become dull. Rather, the conceptions and the natural dispositions have been reversed, so good has become evil and evil good, and the thief a ruler and the Mujāhid an oppressor, and the scholar ignorant, and the hypocrite a Muftī, and the people have listened to the Ruwaybid’ah, and the worthless one speaks about the affairs of the Muslims, and the people of virtue and Religion have been made to disappear, and the mischievous ones have been given a free hand. The waves of doubt have descended, and the rain of desires has assailed the hearts of the Muslims, killing the religious jealousy in the souls so that the men see honor violated and they are entertaining themselves – playing and dancing and singing!

There is no establishment for any nation without jealousy, whether that jealousy is over truth or falsehood. And the men do not fight without jealousy for religion or honor or dignity, and a nation that has no jealousy is a dead nation that does not deserve life. And what kills the jealousy is immersion in desires, until the soul detests loftiness and becomes accustomed to inferiority and cowering.

They (the enemies of Islaam) implant in the hearts of the people fear from just religious jealousy, apart from any action… rather, [they implant fear of] even thinking of forbidding evil with the heart, so as to transform the notions of manhood in the heart into satisfaction with obscenity and occupation and killing and plunder, in order that these actions become facts of modern life and requisites of change and [requisites of] the procession towards what is better.

This mental humiliation and compulsory subservience and internal defeat has never occurred in human history. One cannot even describe this humiliation that the Ummah’s enemies desire for it. It has never happened in human history that the usurped one be prohibited from rejecting the usurpation and hating it. But the matter has reached to where the usurped one must not only accept the situation, but he must also praise and embrace it! And the example of this is like the example of a man who cuts off another man’s fingers with a knife, then the cutter orders the man to smile and laugh instead of screaming and shouting, and he even believes in the depths of his heart that the cutter is indeed kissing his fingers and not cutting them, though he sees his fingers falling off one after the other with his eyes and he feels its pain!!

O Allaah, return the Ghayrah to the men and women of this Ummah!

4 Responses to “• the • importance • of • religious • jealousy •”

  1. Istighfar Says:


  2. ukhtee Says:

    assalam alaikum, we dont know each other so i dont expect u to even give two cents,point is Alhamdulillah! there are sisters like you around here… may Allaah swt keep u steadfast on ur deen and accept all ur efforts and keep ur intention pure and preserve u from all falsehood aameen

  3. istiqaamah Says:

    Wa iyaaki dear sis :) take care of your emaan

  4. ukhtee Says:

    aameen thumma aameen to ur du’aat, there’s no competition for Allaah’s pleasure without jealousy

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