• ibn • ‘abbaas • at • the • doorstep • of • knowledge •

It is reported from ‘Abdullaah bin ‘Abbaas – may Allaah be pleased with them – that he said:

“After Allaah’s Messenger – Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon him – passed away, I said to a man from the Ansaar, “Come, let us ask [and learn from] the Prophet’s Companions, Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon him, for they are many in number today.”

He replied, “I am surprised at you Ibn ‘Abbaas – do you really think people need you when there are so many Companions of the Prophet?”

So he did not involve himself in this endeavor, but I busied myself asking [the Companions about issues]. If I heard of a hadeeth being reported by a man, I would come to him and if he was taking his midday nap I would lay down my garment and lie outside waiting for him, with the wind blowing dust in my face. The man would come out [for Dhuhr] and see me in that state, and he would exclaim, “O nephew of Allaah’s Messenger! What has brought you here? You should have sent for me and I would have come to you!” I would say, “Rather I should come to you [to seek knowledge].” I would then ask him about the hadeeth I heard.

The man [who I originally invited to seek knowledge with me] remained as he was, and when he saw how people would gather around me [to seek knowledge] he said, “For sure, this young man was more intelligent than me.”

– Ad-Daarimi, As-Sunan Vol. 2 p129.


3 Responses to “• ibn • ‘abbaas • at • the • doorstep • of • knowledge •”

  1. Istighfar Says:

    as salamu`alaykum

    Ukhti , ccc informed me that you wanted to pass a msg onto me but my inbox is full. It’s not that it’s full but I disabled it. If it’s urgent mail me inshaAllah.
    hope you’re well by Allah’s Mercy.

  2. istiqaamah Says:

    wa alaykissalaam

    that wasnt me, that was nemo :)

    give ccc my love btw

  3. CCC Says:

    i got your love *blush*
    *hug istiqaamah*
    btw it was Furqaan who sent the message, dunno why i got you confused…

    me and my beloved father were talking about a group who spend 3, 10 or 40 days ‘feesabilillah’, ‘sacrificing’.
    i was saying to my dad, if you wanna sacrifice for knowlege, you do it the way ^ the ppl you quoted sacrificed…
    coz they sacrificed for and at the right times =)

    THATS when the benifit comes…
    coz your reward is equal to what you put in…

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