• now • i • dont • approve • you • for • her •

A man came to Maymoon bin Mahraan – may Allah be please with him – to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Maymoon said, “I do not approve of her for you.”

The man asked, “Why?”

He replied, “Because she loves jewelry and garments.”

To this the man said, “Well I have as much of those as she desires.”

Maymoon said, “Now I don’t approve of you for her.

Adh-Dhahabi , Siyar A’laam Al-Nubalaa‘ in his biography of Maymoon bin Mahraan.

5 Responses to “• now • i • dont • approve • you • for • her •”

  1. Al X Says:

    Salam aleikum, Sister.
    Just to make sure I get the full benefit, will you elaborate on what lesson you think we should get from it or the lesson you got from it?

  2. youssef Says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong, the lesson behind this is that he came and asked for his daughters hand and the father knew that his daugheter likes jewlery and garments and the man approved that he has much of those too. the lesson in my opinion is about the wife being in love with worldly things not Allah swt and that maybe later they might be together for the wrong things not to please Allah swt.

  3. sayyidoon Says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    I think the Idea there is his purely thinking for the better of the hereafter for all muslims, as he first did not want her to spoil him, thinking she may spoil him, but after hearing his answer, he did not want them to spoil each other so it will be harmful for them in the hereafter.

    So loving for the other what you love for yourself by saving him/her from the loss of hereafter is what I understand here.

    May be the sister can tell more.

    May Allaah bless you

  4. istiqaamah Says:

    Wa ‘alaykum as-salaam

    yes the lesson is that we should strive towards ascetism and abandonment of the dunyaa and its adornments, and search for the companions and spouses that will assist us in this.. and the father sought for both his daughter and the suitor what he would want for himself – to protect them both from the evils of attachment to the dunyaa

    and Allah knows best

  5. Al X Says:

    Salam aleikum. Thank you so much for clarifying for us.

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