• poem • from • a • prisoner • to • his • wife •

may Allah reunite abu zubayr with umm zubayr and little abu jandal



It was our Lord who caused the magicians to fall in prostration.
And it is He we must approach to release our frustration,
Through salat, Dua, Sabr, and Thabat
But InshaAllah you will be capable of that.
From pharaoh, to Aad and Thamud as well,
they’ll all come together on a day to tell,
how their evil plots and plans to divert the track,
of a believing people had in it an enormous CRACK!
It was Allah (swt) who caused their wickedness a loss,
Because by His Most Perfect qualities He is the BOSS!!
So strong and Mighty but little do conceive.
But Wallahi their souls He will retrieve.
It is they who willingly chose to transgress,
Diverting from tawheed to shirk which is much less
Gathered on their faces towards the burning fire
A recompense for one who could not control his desire
Accompanying Iblis, zaqqum and enternal torture
What plans wouyld thet draw for a humiliating future
By Allah it is but a just Reward
For someone who from true guidance is deterred
The Day when mother will run her child
And the scene is horrific, devastating and Wild
There will be no where to run and no where to hide
It was you who chose to reject the infallible guide(s.a.ws)
A noble Messenger Divinely inspired
But you abstained and did what you desired
So JAHNAM is your final eternal abode
Do you recall the arrogant steps you strode??
But to a believing man, women and child
That Day will feel so wonderfully mild
Happiness will cleanse away a life of sorrow
Wallahi I wish it could come tomorrow!!!
O’Allah grant us through Your Mercy a Paradise High
But for that a believers eyes must cry
Tears of anticipation pleasure and fear
And don’t ever lose sight that that day is near
Rivers of wine, milk, and honey
And fruits in abundance which doesn’t require money
A just reward from a Lord so kind
Far out weighing a miserable world you left behind
A day when the righteous would feel so respected
And the Thalim is the one who is justly rejected!!
Allah’s mercy is what will guarantee you a place
But first for Allah’s Pleasure you must race
Accumulating deeds to elevate your position
All in preparedness of a final rendition
O’Allah grant me a paradise so high
To attain Al firdaws I will continuously try!
By your Graciousness grant me an intercession
Family members whom You have compassion
And unite me again with a wife so kind
O’Allah PLEASE don’t leave her behind
My lord knower of whats in my heart
You know what I felt for her from the start
And through Your help it elevated degrees
O’Allah Let that be our Decree
Let her be the Queen of the righteous rest
Wallahi I know I’ll feel for her the best
O’Allah, gift us therein with rivers that flow
And Ultimately Your Face with Glow
My lord what can I ask for more?!
For Janat Al firdaws I will remain at your door
Asking and pleading and trying my best
O’Allah please aid me to past the test
I ask You as well to have mercy on a son
To protect and preserve along with his mum
Grant him with us a Paradise so high
Through continual life where he does not die
I ask You my Lord Exalted in might
To purify his heart in a world full of spite
To make your pleasure his Ultimate goal
Then gift him with birds that fly with his soul
O’Allah, Grant him a life full with Worship and Devotion
And make the striving of Your mercy control his emotions
Gift him the memorization of your bookwith insight
And make It reside in his heart during day and night
The love of you is what we require
Which must overide every kind of lustful desire
Robbi Instill into my wife an abundance of patience
Whilst You deal with the opressors with your vigorous Vengeance
Destroy All their evil plans with Your perpetual Power
And rid them of their lives until the coming of the Hour
Your punishment is mighty, Truthful and Just
As the exclusiveness of your worship is an absolute must
To verify in Lordship, Worship, Qualities and Names
Is an obligatory order and not just a game
To whoever complies there is a magnificent reward
From Allah All Mighty our Most Gracious Lord
Rivers and fruits and gardens of delight
And for that one can ask Allah during the last third of the night
Devoutly, sincerely and all on your own
Ask The Most High Who Rose above His throne
During that hour He accepts your repentance
And in return He will shower his forgiveness
Or ask Him for favors and to that He is able
Once granted your wishes your situation will become stable
He removes the pain and enlightens with pleasure
Wallahi dua is an absolute treasure
O’Allah unite us with our families in paradise of happiness
Accompanying Messangers(saw), Prophets, companions and righteous
Allahuma Irhamna wa Igfirlana
Wa aafina Allhuma irzuqna janatuka……..
Allahuma ameen


One Response to “• poem • from • a • prisoner • to • his • wife •”

  1. sayyidoon Says:

    may Allah reunite abu zubayr with umm zubayr and little abu jandal




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