• i • have • the • best • sisters •

this is for all of my sisters back home – who are unlike other sisters

my beloved sisters fillah

my beloved sisters in ‘aqeedah


may Allah gather us in a place better than where we meet now

jazaaki Allaahu khayran amatullah for sharing <3


7 Responses to “• i • have • the • best • sisters •”

  1. al-Furqaan Says:

    Aaw Subhan’AllaaH 7abibty

    That Is SoOo Sweet

    Jazaakhi’Allaahu Khayr :P


  2. istiqaamah Says:

    wa iyaaki :)

    i was going to make a list of ALL of you but there are SO many

    i had to put you in there though since it was your discovery (f)

  3. Istighfar Says:


  4. al-Furqaan Says:

    Aaw 7abibty There Was No Need, For The author Deserves The Credit

    I Love You Not For Your Beauty, Your Money Or Should I Say Wealth,
    I Love You Not For Your Status, Your Image Or Health,

    The Reasons are Beyond That Which Makes our Relationship Special,
    Words are Limited To Describe It,
    I Love You For The Sake Of AllaaH Sister
    Whichs Makes Our Bond Even Stronger …


  5. al-Furqaan Says:

    This also Reminds Me of Umm Kuzaymah (Love) and Starngely I Dont Know Why …

  6. istiqaamah Says:

    Umm K.. I was trying to call her today but all I could hear her say was hello before the line went dead :(

  7. alqamardesigns Says:

    JazakAllahu khairan.
    Lovely blog you have here, may Allah give you good in this life and in the hereafter.ameen

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