• so • when • you • understand • him, • respond •

Yahyaa ibn Khaalid (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

Do not respond to anyone until you have understood their words, for that will cause you to respond to what they have not said, and thus confirm your own ignorance. Rather you must understand his speech properly. So when you understand him, then respond. And do not rush to answer before asking for clarity. And do not be shy to seek clarity when you do not understand. For verily answering before understanding is sheer idiocy! So if you do not know before asking, then ask! Then it will come to you. Your questioning and seeking clarity is more praiseworthy and better for you then being silent and incapable of expressing yourself!”

Jaami’ Bayaan al-Ilm wa Fadlihi


6 Responses to “• so • when • you • understand • him, • respond •”

  1. F.B. Says:

    This is a true gem

  2. sayyidoon Says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    It has been quite sometime since you have benefited us with the beneficial heart softeners, we hope everything is fine.

    And may Allaah make whatever difficulty to be easy and give us all Tawfiq to act upon the good that we learn it.

  3. istiqaamah Says:

    wa alaykum as-salaam akhi

    I’ve been working, and haven’t had much free time as of late to read stuff, so I apologize for falling short to those with expectations.


  4. sayyidoon Says:

    Wa Iyyaakum

  5. CCC Says:

    beautiful beautiful post….

    I was reading, and it said…
    Omar (ra) asked Ka’b al-Ahbar
    “How do you find my desription?”
    so Ka’b replied
    “I find your descorption to be a HORN OF IRON”

    [pause…now…from how I understood it, I found Ka’b’s reply rude and got very defensive of Omar (ra), as in, how DARE you say something offensive about MY OMAR!!!!
    However, Omar (ra) didnt act the way I did…lets carry on reading inA…]

    Omar (ra) asked
    “What is a ‘Horn of Iron’?”
    Ka’b replied
    “A strong commander who, for the sake of Allah, the censure of the one who blames does not overcome”
    [asSayuti’s ‘al-Khlafa’ ar-Rashidun’ ]

    Without understanding, I made a WRONG judgement, yet look at the wisdom of Omar (ra) – He (ra) asked for clarificatin of the statement.
    He (ra) acted in accordance to the advice above without having read it.
    *smile* This is a nice example of ‘The best generation is my generation…’
    Look how Omar (ra) already had the wisdom later people worded and documented.

    [Assalamu alaykum Istiqaaamah. InA your good?]

  6. istiqaamah Says:


    when you comment on my blog, walaahi it makes me feel special <3

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