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Abu ‘Uthmaan Sa’eed b. Ismaa’eel Al-Naysaaburi said:

Whoever governs himself by the Sunnah – in word and deed – will speak with wisdom. But whoever governs himself according to his own desires will speak heresies, because Allah Tabaaraka wa Ta’aalaa said:

And if you obey him (the Messenger) you will be guided” [Surat An-Noor: 54]

– Abu Nu’aym in Al-Hilyah 10/244, and others.

After mentioning this and other similar narrations Shaykh Al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said in Minhaaj As-Sunnah 5/117:

It is as they said, for if a person does not follow what the Messenger came with he will act according to his own wishes. Thus he will be one who follows his desires without guidance from Allaah.”


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