• take • the • Qur’aan • as • your • imaam •

Abu Al-‘Aaliyah reports that a man once asked ‘Ubay b. Ka’b – Allah be pleased with him – for advice. He said:

Take the Book of Allah as your leader (imaam) and be pleased with it as a judge and ruler. It is what your Messenger left amongst you. It will be an intercessor for you. It is to be obeyed. It is a witness never doubted. In it is a mention of you and those before you, and judgment for whatever happens amongst you. And in it is news about you and whatever will come after you.”

– Adh-Dhahabi in Siyar A’laam Al-Nubalaa‘, in the biography of ‘Ubay b. Ka’b


3 Responses to “• take • the • Qur’aan • as • your • imaam •”

  1. bint Husayn Says:

    hehe JACKED!

  2. istiqaamah Says:

    lol look at you talkin all ghetto =p

  3. al-Furqaan Says:


    It Certainly Is

    an Everlasting Reminder – Till End Of Time :'(
    Which Many Have abandoned …

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