• ibn • al-qayyim’s • “concerning • the • saved • sect” •

let this be read by all those that resort to signing pacts with deviants

Concerning The Saved Sect

Translated by: Abdul-Rafee’ Adawale Imaam

From the book: Al-Kafiyah Ash-Shafiyyah 

O you who seek salvation

Listen to the words of a sincere helper

In all your affairs hold fast

To the Revelation, not fanciful ravings

And aid Allah’s Book and the Sunnahs

Related from him who was sent with the Criterion

And strike with the sword of revelation every rejector (of the Attributes)

Like the strike of a Mujahid on every fingertip

For Allah’s sake without any cowardice

Be firm and patient underneath the banners of guidance

Whatever you do shall be for the pleasure of ar-Rahman

Let Allah’s Book and the established Sunnahs

Be your weapon, and keep a healthy soul

Who will accept the duel, let him come forward

Or who will take the lead into the battlefield

Split them with the saying of the Messenger, and fear not

From the scarcity of supporters,

For Allah will aid His religion and His book,

And Allah will suffice His slave with scarcity.

Do not fear from the plot of the enemy and their scheming,

For it is but with falsehood and lies that they fight.

The soldiers of the followers of the Messenger are the angels.

And their soldiers are but the armies of Shaytan;

How great they divide between the two armies. Whoever is Confused, let him but examine the two parties.

Stand firm and fight under the Banners of Guidance

And be patient, for the Aid of Allah, your Lord, is near.

And remember the battles of the knights of guidance;

From Allah is reward for their battles.

And strike with the Words of the Texts in the neck of the enemy,

And stone them with bright stars.

Fear not their multitudes, they are but the riff-raff of mankind,

And their mosquitoes. Do you fear from mosquitoes?

In debate, occupy them with debating one another,

This is the wise course for the knights.

If they should attack you, be you not

Distressed at there attack nor cowardly,

And be firm and do not attack with no forces, for

That is not considered praiseworthy by the brave.

So when you see the party of Islam

Has gathered its armies with power

Then penetrate their ranks and

Be not weak nor cowardly

And beware of two garments, whoever wears them

Finds debasement in humiliation and censure;
A garment of compound ignorance, over it

A garment of blind partisanship, how evil are the two garments!

Adorn yourself with fairness, what an excellent garment!

It is to adorn the sides and shoulders.

Let fear of ar-Rahman be your slogan

Along with sincerity to the Messenger, how excellent are the two matters.

And he, may Allah have mercy on him, stated:

And beware of Shirk, for apparent Shirk

Is the type that cannot be forgiven.

And it is to take a rival to ar-Rahman

-Whether it should be a stone or person-

Calling upon it, placing hope in it and fear,

And to love it as Allah should be loved.

By Allah, they did not make them equal with Allah

In creation, nor in provision, nor in generosity,

For to them, Allah is the Creator, the Provider,

And he is the Granter of all Bounty and Generosity.

Yet they equated them with Allah

In Love, in magnification, and in faith.

The very foundation of Tawhid is love so he states concerning it:

They love them along with ar-Rahman

They did not make their love only for ar-Rahman.

If their love was for Allah’s sake, they would not

Have shown enmity to those he loves for their faith,

Nor would they loved that which he detests and avoided

That which he loves and that which gains his pleasure.

The condition of love is to agree with the one you love

In his love without any disobedience,

So if you claim to love him while opposing

Him in what he loves, you are telling a great falsehood.

Do you love the enemies of the beloved and

Claim to love him? That is not possible.

And likewise you oppose with all your efforts those he loves.

Where is that love (which you claim), o brother of Shaytan?

Worship is nothing else but Tawhid of love

Along with humility of the heart and limbs.

Love is to concur with him in what he loves

And to hate with your soul what he is not pleased with.

Agreeing with him is to follow him in his orders

And to seek the Face of Allah, the Owner of Bounty.

This is the Ihsan which is a condition for the acceptance

Of one’s efforts; understand it well from the Qur’an.

And following without the explanation of His Messenger

Is impossible and is the Greatest of falsehoods.

So when you toss aside His Book and His Messenger,

And you follow the order of the self and of Shaytan,

And you take rivals whom you love like

Allah ought to be loved, then you do not have faith.

He described the people of his age by saying:

And we have seen from a party claiming Islam

Shirk that is clear to see.

They set up partners whom they love and they equate

Them with him in love, not in authority.

By Allah, they did not equate them with Allah,

They loved them even more as is not hidden.

By Allah, they do not get angry when the orders of their lord are violated, secretly or openly.

Until if anyone should speak of the idol which

They supplicate mentioning its deficiencies,

Then may ar-Rahman save you from (their) anger and

(Their) warring and insults and enmity.

And may ar-Rahman save you from beating

And punishment and cursing and imprisonment.

And he mourned for the people of his time saying:

Additionally, I am being tested by

Four (types), each of them full of animosity;

A rude, harsh, ignorant man feigning knowledge

Wearing a large turban and a broad cloak,

A man feigning Fiqh, yet well-versed in ignorance

He is deprived of any knowledge or understanding,
One having a poor mix of the various sciences

And he mixes erroneous thought with irrational talk

He complains to Allah of (his) rights wrongfully

Out of his ignorance as if he is suffering an ailment

He is ignorant, feigning knowledge of medicine, he gives verdicts to mankind

And he attributes that to the Decree of ar-Rahman.

The private parts of the creation cry out, as he does their blood,

And likewise their rights, to Allah against him.[1]

He has no knowledge accept Takfir and

Tabdi’ and Tadlil and false accusations. [2]

When he realizes that he is about to be vanquished

As the knights meet in the battlefield,

He says, “complain of him to the Qadis, either they will

Pass judgement, or if they do not, I shall complain of him to the Sultan.

Say to him, ‘this weakens the kingdom, rather

It causes its collapse as with so-and-so.’

And when he calls you to the Messenger and his judgement,

Then call him, all of you, to the opinion of so-and-so.

Disable him before his affair grows great

Due to the strength of his followers and supporters.

And when you gather in assemblies speak noisily (to drown out the others)

And do so whenever he uses the Qur’an as evidence.[3]

And seek victory with reports and testimony

Coaxed gently and with great care.

Do no task the witnesses how they witnessed

Nor at what time or even at what place.

Modify their testimony and except it irregardless of its condition

In fact, adapt it as much as you are able.

And when they bear witness, declare them trustworthy,

And listen not to any who criticizes them.

Say, ‘their trust worthiness is certain,

We will not reject it for the word of so-and-so.

It is established to the judges, in fact, they judged by it

So criticism of it is not possible.

Whoever comes to criticize them, let him have

A back hard like stone.”

When this is their preparation, then let your answer be,

“Will you reject it with enmity to Allah?”


[1] Translator’s note: This is because the Qadi passes judgement concerning issues involving marital rights, bloodshed, and other rights.

[2] Translator’s note: Takfir is to declare someone a Kafir, Tabdi’ is declaring someone an innovator, and Tadlil is to declare someone misguided.

[3] Translator’s note: See Surah Fussilat (41:26)

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