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“For history to write, and for the Muslims to bear witness: that we were killed for the Sake of Allāh, upon our Islāmic principles and everlasting ‘Aqīdah – is better to us with Allāh, than history being written while the Muslims bearing witness against us, that we lived in health and comfort after we have compromised our principles and abandoned the Banner of Jihād. And whoever thought that the Islāmic State will be blessed with dominance without trials and tests, then he is an ignorant one who does not know the biography of the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم.”

– Amīr Al-Mu’minīn, Al-Mulla Muhammad ‘Umar Mujāhid


    Why people love Ameer al-Mu’mineen, al-Mullaa Umar

“Amīr Al-Mu’minīn:

The first to be entitled with this was the Rightly-Guided Khalīfah “‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattāb” – May Allāh be pleased with him, and make him pleased with – and this title stayed with all of the Khulafā’ who came after him, until the end of the Ottoman State a century ago, and we ask Allāh to hasten the return of the Rightly-Guided Khilāfah.

Allāh, Subhānahu Wa Ta’ālā, willed for this title to return and manifest in its Shar’ī sense in another “‘Umar” who resembles his chief in figure and manners.

The first ‘Umar had a tall figure with wide shoulders, and likewise is the description by those who saw our companion ‘Umar.

The first ‘Umar was strict upon the Truth, and was not taken in (the rights of) Allāh by the blame of the blamers, and this is something that no one who has heard or followed the news of our companion ‘Umar doubts.

The first ‘Umar was a man of politics of the top level who had futuristic outlooks which were rarely incorrect, and this is what the signs prove in our age today, and this will appear later in this journal.

The first ‘Umar cut the tree of the Bay’ah (Pledge of Allegiance) of Al-‘Aqabah, so that no one would worship it, and our ‘Umar today destroyed the Buddha statues so that the people would not worship it beside Allāh.

The worldly life came to the ‘Umar of yesterday, and he kicked it with his foot and renounced it, and our ‘Umar today, the worldly life came to him, and it was seductive, so he divorced it three times and preferred the caves over castles.

The ‘Umar of yesterday did justice, so he was safe, so he slept under the tree, and our ‘Umar today used to go out walking or driving his humble car in the streets of Qandahār, with security from the people and without any personal guards, yet he is the one whom the nations of kufr and nifāq on Earth are still unable to catch!

The ‘Umar of yesterday loudly announced in the midst of the kuffār “Whoever wants to make his mother lose him as a child, to make his wife a widow, and make his children orphans – then let him meet me behind this valley;” and our ‘Umar today said with confidence, defiance, and resolution in the faces of the kuffār, “If the American bombings continue, then I swear by Allāh that our enemies the Americans will not sleep one night in peace.”

Allāh gave honour to the Religion through the ‘Umar of yesterday, and the ‘Umar of today returned to the Religion its honour.

The ‘Umar of yesterday fought the Persians and the Romans (the two greatest powers of mankind), and the ‘Umar of today fought the Soviets and the Americans.

So he who called him by “Amīr Al-Mu’minīn”, did not make a mistake. ”

– Husayn bin Mahmood, the Giant Man, part 1


*note: He is called Ameer al-Mu’mineen of those in Afghanistan, and not of the entire Ummah, just as Abu Umar al Baghdadi was made Ameer al-Mu’mineen of the Sunnis in ‘Iraq. Neither have claimed to be the khalifah for the entire Ummah.

may Allah grant them both a sweet victory, ameen!


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  1. CNF Says:

    Amazing men.

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