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Written by the noble Shaykh,

Husayn Bin Mahmūd
(May Allaah preserve him)

The Islāmic Ummah had surrendered to the enemy, and had cast down its weapon, conceding to [the West’s] military, political, and economic superiorities, and even to its social and intellectual ones. All of this was our reality for around 50 years. The European represented superior values and deep-rooted culture and enlightened knowledge, and the Arab represented retardation and backwardness and base morals. This was the prevailing outlook in the Arab world just 50 years ago. And whoever lived [during] this period is astounded by the large change that has occurred to the Arabs specifically and to the Muslims in general; and in a few years the Islāmic Ummah was able to recover much of its self confidence.

The prevailing outlook in the Islāmic countries was the outlook of inferiority compared to the West. Then some of the righteous scholars and writers were deputized with defending the ‘Aqīdah and the Islāmic Shar’īah against the dark orientalist attacks with a heroic defense. And the point of the intellectual shift and what led to a revolution and coup in the Islāmic consciousness were the writings of Abū Al-A’lā Al-Mawdūdī and Sayyid Qutb, may Allāh have Mercy upon them both. And these two men did not settle [just] for defending the Islāmic values; rather, they became hostile to the prevailing conventions, and they began to attack Western civilization and its worth and the prevailing notions in the West with the speech and logic of superiority. And this revolution was similar to a blaze in the awakening of the Arab mentality that had [previously] wallowed in humiliation and defeat, so it was necessary to eliminate both men, and especially Sayyid, may Allāh have Mercy upon him, for his standing at the center of intellectual importance in the Islāmic world.

Sayyid was killed at the order of the West, but by Egyptian hands. But his words revived the hearts and moved the emotions. His books spread after his death the way fire spreads in straw, and they became an intellectual methodology that freed the Arabs from polytheistic servitude to the foreign gods so that the hearts would turn freely toward Allāh. This was the intellectual beginning that was followed by many sacrifices by the giants of intellect and foresight from among the scholars and callers.

This was the theoretical change in the Islāmic mind in the bygone century. But the practical, fundamental change came after some decades – over there in Afghanistan – and at the hand of a man who cultivated the reasoning of superiority and the lofty determination of Sayyid. The opportunity was ripe, and it was Allāh’s Decree that he participate with a believing group that took up arms to defend Islām in Khurasān. This Jihād was nothing but a natural solution for the people of this region who were raised upon freedom and independence, along with what was within them of Islāmic tribalism and love of the Religion. So Allāh decreed that this giant man be in that place at that time.

The self-defeatism that lay heavily on the hearts of the Muslims for three centuries was defeated in Afghanistan, at the hand of a scholar from the unique, active Muslim scholars. The point of change was when the Muslims became certain of the ability to repel the Western enemy and the Eastern enemy and expel and defeat them. This was the practical and actual point of change in the history of our present Ummah. The ideas were accompanied by action, the burden of which was carried by the Mujāhidīn of Afghanistan – may Allāh have Mercy upon them and grant them Victory and honor their flag.

There is no doubt that the Ummah did not reach this status with the exertion of two men only. Rather, there was a long caravan of men and women who sacrificed their souls and their wealth and their time for the sake of the rebirth of the Ummah. But these two men [i.e. Abul A’lā and Sayyid] are considered the two primary reasons for the intellectual liberation we are living today which removed the self-defeatist outlook from us, as well as the practical liberation we are witnessing in various spheres.

Truly the great intellectual war that the West and its agents are waging in the Islāmic world on the ideas of Sayyid, may Allāh have Mercy upon him, is of this sort. Sayyid attempted to liberate the minds of the people with his words and his soul and his blood, so it was necessary for the West to fight this liberating ideology that they had spent centuries hiding from the Muslim minds. The problem lurking today is the youth’s lack of awareness about many of the accompanying circumstances of this decisive, historic era in our contemporary Ummah’s history. And not understanding them will lead to a lack of understanding of the reality of the present ideological battle between us and the enemy. And the enemy is more knowledgeable than we are about our history and the accompaniments of our intellectual revival, and this is a shameful matter indeed. The enemy did not fear Sayyid’s words on their own; rather, they feared the translation of these words into a tangible reality. And this is what Shaykh ‘Abdullāh ‘Azzām accomplished in Afghanistan three decades after Sayyid’s killing – we ask Allāh to accept them both amongst the martyrs.

With a clear ‘Aqīdah and a sharp perspective and persevering action and devotion and sincerity and sacrifice, this giant kindled the spirit of Jihād and honor and nobility and loftiness and sovereignty in bodies on the verge of dying of despair and fear and anxiety. His words – may Allāh have Mercy upon him – and his deeds and his tone of voice and his unique advertising in the media about the Jihād in Afghanistan and his tying of this land to the situation of the Muslims in the East and West – all of this bore fruit in the life of the Shaykh himself, and in such few years that the pen is unable to explain how.

Shaykh ‘Azzām, may Allāh have Mercy upon him, succeeded in awakening the Ummah in less than one decade of time. And in it, the Shaykh penetrated the East of the Earth and its West, sharpening the determination and inciting the Muslims to Jihād and reviving the spirit of sacrifice within them. And the Shaykh presented a realistic picture and living examples of the Islāmic honor and dignity to the Islāmic world. And the effect on the Muslims was amazing – to the point that many of the callers consider these years the golden years of the Islāmic awakening. And were it not from Allāh’s Bounty that He bestowed the Ummah with this Shaykh during this time period, the Afghan Jihād would have remained confined to Afghanistan, far from the eyes and the hearts of the Muslims. But Allāh, سبحانه و تعالى, decreed from His Beneficence that Shaykh ‘Azzām transform the Jihād [of Afghanistan] into the Jihād of the entire Islāmic Ummah against the global tyranny, and that he bring back the notion of the trust that is on the shoulder of this Ummah to free the human from the worship of humans.

This was the message of Shaykh ‘Azzām, may Allāh have Mercy upon him, and it is the eternal message of Islām.

The Crusader West and the Jews perceived the magnitude of this awakening and the magnitude of the role played by Shaykh ‘Azzām, may Allāh have Mercy upon him. The Russian politicians would go themselves to Europe and America to call the West to stop gloating over their misfortune and to realize the danger of the current Islāmic reality of that time. The Europeans and the Americans (in particular) were on their guard, and the matter ended in the assassination of Shaykh ‘Azzām, may Allāh have Mercy upon him, and the murder of his followers and soldiers and the hurling of them in the prisons of their countries so that the infection of liberation would not move on to the Islāmic Ummah and so that it would not change from an imprisoned, chained, defeated, humiliated, spineless, submissive, surrendered [Ummah] to a free Ummah striving for independence of mind before the independence of its lands.

And let us go back a bit, to when the European occupation sat heavily upon the Islāmic countries, and the people of Ghayrah (jealousy) from among the Muslims came out to fight the occupiers. The European minds contrived a malicious plan to keep their authority on the Islāmic world with minimum losses. They brought people from the sons of the Muslims, most of who had been raised in the nations of the disbelievers, and most of them were nobodies in the Islāmic communities or were people with sick and dead spirits. And under the blows of the Mujāhidīn and the masses, the European powers withdrew from the Islāmic world, only to hand the reins of power of the Islāmic countries over to these agents, with conditions whose enforcement we still endure to this day; the most important of them:

1- Concealment of the Islāmic Religion from the state of affairs of the Muslims
2- Suppression of the Arabic language due to its intimate connection to the Religion
3- Preoccupation of the Islāmic masses with their daily sustenance and their running after their subsistence
4- Reigning in every Islāmic movement or any inclination to the Religion that will wake up the Muslims
5- Preoccupying the Muslims with doubtful matters and desires, and the spread of moral degeneracy in the Ummah
6- Payment of Jizyah to the occupying enemy by way of privileges or consuming [our] raw materials
7- Connecting the foreign policy of the Islāmic nations with the occupying nations
8- That the government and all the constituencies of the Islāmic nations be at the disposal of the occupying countries when need arises
9- Implantation of the spirit of defeat and inferiority in the hearts of the Muslims

With these conditions, the West handed over the Islāmic countries to these rulers despite all the sacrifices the sincere sons of the Ummah expended. So this handful of hirelings for the occupation agreed to all the conditions and worked with unparalleled devotion at the service of the occupying enemy in exchange for their sons’ inheritances of the governments of the Muslim countries and the theft of the Muslims’ wealth so it may be spent on their desires and personal pleasures.

Indeed what we see today in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine and Chechnya and Somalia is exactly what happened in the past century in most – if not all – the Muslim nations. Britain and France chose the agents to rule over the Muslim nations in their place, and some of these countries continue to follow these two nations despite America’s inheritance of their legacy. And some of the nations in the Arabian Gulf continue to pay the Jizyah of oil to Britain up to this moment.

Every nation had its specific circumstances due to which the government was chosen. Some of the nations were tribal, and so some of the indigenous tribal leaders allied to the occupiers with complete loyalty were chosen. And some of them were monarchies whose king was removed, and men from the populace without any roots were chosen [to replace him]. And some of the nations’ leaders were chosen from ostracized and abased religious groups. And some of the nations had educated men from the sons from the rich class of corrupted identities chosen for them; sons who were brought up in the schools of the West. And some nations appointed some of its ambitious men and distinguished military leaders for ascension to the government offices after their agreement to the conditions mentioned above, and they were supplied with money and experts to fight their rivals for power.

There was no exception, for all the Arab nations’ governments were handed over to people brought by the Crusader forces or people whom they agreed to after they agreed to obey them and give allegiance to them and work for their interest and let their schemes pass. Afghanistan’s current government and Iraq’s government and the current government of Chechnya and Somalia’s transitional government are copies of these Arab governments, and the path by which these rulers came to power is the same path their brothers used to oppress the Muslim nations before them.

And if what these [rulers] plan for is actualized – and we ask Allāh that this doesn’t happen – then the coming generations in Iraq, for example, will read their history in the following manner:

“The invading forces undertook the occupation of our beloved Iraq, so the Mujāhidīn
leaders of Iraq like Al-Mālikī and Al-Jalabī and As-Sadr and As-Sistānī and others besides them stood up to them and confronted the aggression and freed Iraq from oppression.”

It is the same story, verbatim, that our children in all the Arab countries study. He is the same unique, inspired commander that freed the country from imperialism and united the country under one rule, and the people became safe, and economic and social miracles were achieved in the era of the great leaders – the sons of the Muwahhid conquerors! This false history is taught to the developing youth in every Arab nation.

And some authors wrote about the truth of what they were contemporaries to during this critical era in the history of the Ummah, but the governments worked to burn these books in the printing presses. And from the most famous of those who wrote and had his work burned was the Shaykh and historian Mahmūd Shākir, may Allāh have Mercy upon him. His book, At-Tārīkh Al-Islāmī, is present and widespread, except that there are two sections missing from the compilation – they were burned in the printing press. The original copy was burned along with the press and what was printed. And the two sections are “The History of the Arabian Peninsula” and “The History of the Levant.” You can buy the book At-Tārīkh Al-Islāmī in any bookstore, and you will see two sections mentioned but missing.

And most, if not all, the books of contemporary history are forged and falsified. And if one of us sat with a person who was long-lived, sane, and discerning of his close reality, he will tell him what would make the child’s hair grey from the plots of these governments to kill the spirit of Islām and surrender the lands of the Muslims – especially Palestine – to the Jews and the cross worshippers. And long ago it was said, “History is written by the victorious one.”

Some of them mentioned this plot in their memoirs, and some of these impartial men wrote books, but these memoirs and books are banned from entering the Islāmic nations and are fought by the rulers. And Shaykh ‘Abdullāh ‘Azzām mentioned a bit of the treason and humiliation he lived through in Palestine (I recorded some of what he stated in the article entitled O People of Iraq, This is How Palestine Fell). And if some of the writers were just and searched in the British and French documents for the truth of the past schemes that occurred, he would produce what would make the bodies cringe.

And indeed what is most dangerous about this treason is the brainwashing of the masses, for these masses are the ones who applaud the thieves and the executioners and the usurpers and the agents, while they are the first sacrifice of these governments. How sad and regretful is the amount of ignorance that some of the people have fallen into! And let us give one example so we realize how a person can be exploited by these thieves.

When the ruler comes out with a decree for a raise in the wages of the [government] employees, or with allowances or properties or something else for the people, these things are called “generosities.” It is the generosity of the leader or the king or the president or the Shaykh, and praises are heaped upon him and the rhyming verses are written for him. And these Muslim masses do not know that this money is their money that is being returned to them in crumbs!! And this example is like the example of a thief who entered a house and stole everything in it and usurped the home from its owner, then threw the owner a broken chair from the house’s furniture so the owner could fall on his two knees and kiss the thief and thank him for his generosity and his pity and his patronage!!

Al-Bayhaqī narrated in As-Sunan from Sa’īd Bin Al-Musayyib, who said, “’Umar bin Al-Khattāb, may Allāh be pleased with him, divided the wealth one day, and the people began to praise him. So he said, ‘What has made you act so foolishly? If this was my wealth, I would not have given you from it a single Dirham.’” [1]

‘Umar divided all the wealth among them and at the same time rejected their praise of him because of his knowledge of the reality of this wealth. So what should we do with people who are given crumbs of their money not even worth mentioning, and they glorify the praises of their rulers and sanctify them!! And these rulers are spending from the Muslims’ wealth what the human imagination cannot fathom – millions and millions on desires and pleasures evaporating into thin air, while the Muslim countries fall one after the other into the hand of the Christians!

The Ghayrah in the hearts of many of the people has died, and the sensibilities have become dull. Rather, the conceptions and the natural dispositions have been reversed, so good has become evil and evil good, and the thief a ruler and the Mujāhid an oppressor, and the scholar ignorant, and the hypocrite a Muftī, and the people have listened to the Ruwaybid’ah, and the worthless one speaks about the affairs of the Muslims, and the people of virtue and Religion have been made to disappear, and the mischievous ones have been given a free hand. The waves of doubt have descended, and the rain of desires has assailed the hearts of the Muslims, killing the religious jealousy in the souls so that the men see honor violated and they are entertaining themselves – playing and dancing and singing!

There is no establishment for any nation without jealousy, whether that jealousy is over truth or falsehood. And the men do not fight without jealousy for religion or honor or dignity, and a nation that has no jealousy is a dead nation that does not deserve life. And what kills the jealousy is immersion in desires, until the soul detests loftiness and becomes accustomed to inferiority and cowering.

When the men see the women being raped with their own eyes and they do not move and are motionless! And it is said to them, “There is no Jihād!” When the enemy usurps the land and takes the wealth and violates the honor and it is said to the people, “There is no Jihād!” And if only they stopped at their statement “There is no Jihād!” Rather, the matter has gone beyond this to the statement, “We must live in tolerance and mercy and love and goodwill and harmony and agreement and normalization of relations and in peace!”

They implant in the hearts of the people fear from just religious jealousy, apart from any action… rather, [they implant fear of] even thinking of forbidding evil with the heart, so as to transform the notions of manhood in the heart into satisfaction with obscenity and occupation and killing and plunder, in order that these actions become facts of modern life and requisites of change and [requisites of] the procession towards what is better.

This mental humiliation and compulsory subservience and internal defeat has never occurred in human history. One cannot even describe this humiliation that the Ummah’s enemies desire for it. It has never happened in human history that the usurped one be prohibited from rejecting the usurpation and hating it. But the matter has reached to where the usurped one must not only accept the situation, but he must also praise and embrace it! And the example of this is like the example of a man who cuts off another man’s fingers with a knife, then the cutter orders the man to smile and laugh instead of screaming and shouting, and he even believes in the depths of his heart that the cutter is indeed kissing his fingers and not cutting them, though he sees his fingers falling off one after the other with his eyes and he feels its pain!!

Indeed what Sayyid and ‘Azzām accomplished – may Allāh have Mercy upon them both – was the enlightenment of the Muslims with the reality of the matter; that they are the superior ones if they hold fast to their faith, and that the Word of Allāh is the Supreme one, and the word of the disbelievers is the inferior one, and they are assisted so long as they assist in the Cause of Allāh, and that there is no honor for the Ummah without sacrifice, and that the abandonment of Jihād is the reason for the Ummah’s humiliation, and that Allāh will not lift the humiliation from upon them except through Jihād for His Sake. And these are all Divine concepts and Prophetic, Islāmic affirmations concealed from the minds of the Muslims due to the excess of doubts that have overwhelmed them due to the Christians and Jews and hypocrites. And because of this, you see the enemies of the Ummah more covetous of the extermination of the intellectual leaders than the extermination of the military leaders. And on this subject – the media Jihād and the verbal Jihād has a severer impact on the disbelievers than the impact of arrows and bullets and bombs, because words give life to the hearts and result in movement of the limbs. But the limbs that carry a dead heart between them, then they are deprived of movement.

Indeed Allāh will give victory to His Religion without fail, and the Victory of Allāh comes through certain means. And Allāh uses men he chooses for specific characteristics within them and takes them as a mount for the Ummah to ascend with. And these men are a unique, strange class from the devout religious scholars and the military leaders who revive the Religion and correct the conceptions so that Truth returns to being Truth, and falsehood returns to being falsehood. And these men fight the embellished statements of the devils from among the humans and the Jinn with their speech and their actions, and they smash their self-conceit.

The presence of Khattāb and Shāmil in Chechnya was not a coincidence. Nor is the presence of Usāmah and Al-Mullā ‘Umar in Afghanistan a coincidence. And the presence of Az-Zarqāwī in Iraq was not a coincidence. Allāh chose these men from among the Muslims by His Decree for the execution of the message of religious and mental renewal in this Ummah, and to plant the spirit of honor and dignity and trust in His promise. (We ask Allāh to make the living steadfast upon His Religion and to have Mercy upon the dead). And all the plots of the Christians and Jews and rulers and hypocrites are smashed upon these solid rocks whom the Ummah has never been devoid of at any point in time. “And Honor is for Allāh and His Prophet and the Believers, but the hypocrites know not.” [2]

The one who looks at the war of the governments on the Islāmic beliefs – from Jihād against the enemies of the Religion, and Walā’ to the Muslims, and Barā’ to the disbelievers, and arbitration to the legislation of the Lord of the Worlds – cannot doubt their treason to the Crusaders. And it is upon a person – if he has no religion – to respect his mind and not distrust his eyes and his ears. And upon the Mujāhidīn and their helpers is a very heavy burden of confronting this media war of great significance being carried on all the axioms of the Religion. It is a war to win the hearts and rescue them from the claws of desires and uncertainties. And this affair cannot be sealed except by the likes of the unique men we mentioned within whom Allāh created jealousy and religious zeal and spiritual superiority, along with strength in the Truth, and wisdom and sound logic and knowledge and eloquence.

“What is not fully achieved should not be fully abandoned.”

“The best of deeds is the one done constantly, even if it is small.” [3]

And Allāh knows best.

And may the Peace and Blessings of Allāh be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and his family and companions.

Written by,

Husayn Bin Mahmūd

14 Rabī’ Al-Awwal 1428


[1] Sunan Al-Bayhaq ī #12816

[2] Al-Munāfiqūn :8

[3] Sahīh Muslim #1302 with a similar wording


3 Responses to “• the • islamic • awakening •”

  1. bint Husayn Says:

    you’re such an inspiration to me mashaAllah. You never stop – you’re contsTantly going – praise be to allah. <3

  2. istiqaamah Says:

    no habibti dont throw dust in my face like that astaghfirullah, im so behind on many things.. school work being number one! Allahul musta’aan. ra3aakillah :)

  3. istiqaamah Says:

    Note: This was taken from a longer article by the Shaykh written after Condoleeza Rice’s summit in Riyadh in May. The article was called “Spiritual Loftiness and the Shaytaanic Plots.” The first half of the article analyzed the summit and its kufr and the effect these summits have in brainwashing the Muslim minds.

    May Allah love and bless our shaykh, Husayn bin Mahmood, and grant him a home in ‘Iliyyeen. Ameen!

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