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Are We Khawarij?

[Taken from “Kalimat Haqq”]

Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abdur-Rahman (may Allaah hasten his release) said:

“So as for the Khawarij, the ‘Ulama have explained that they are the ones who rebel against the True Imam (Al-Imam Al-Haqq), and they openly disobey him, and they conspire against him – So where is this True Imam today, with regards to whom we could label anyone who rebels against him as a “Khariji”?!

Where is the ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib of today!?

And if we are Khawarij, then who are you (O regimes and O royal scholars)?! Are you ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) and his Companions?!

And did ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) take the laws of his governance from the legislation of the Persians and the Romans?!

Did he govern according to “socialism” and “democracy”? Or was he a caller to “nationalism” and “social peace”?

Or was ‘Ali an ally and supporter of the Jews and Beijing?!

Or was ‘Ali forsaking the Hudud of Allah (i.e. the Islamic penalties), and implementing punishments for which Allah did not send down any permission? Or can it be said that ‘Ali was possibly calling towards the establishment of the Khilafah, a crime which cannot be forgiven!?

Or was ‘Ali waging war against chastity and purity, calling for women’s “liberation” and for her to travel freely?!

Or was ‘Ali one of those who have split the Qur’an into parts (i.e. believed in a part and disbelieved in the other)? Those who say: “No Islam in politics, and no politics in Islam”?!

And pardoned is Imam ‘Ali – may Allah dignify his face – he was not like that at all. Rather, he was of the most eager to implement the Judgments of Allah, and governing with the Book of Allah, and the Sunnah of His Messenger. So no doubt, that the one who rebels against this Just Imam (Al-Imam Al-‘Adil), he is truly a Khariji.

As for someone who perpetrates all of these falsehoods which we have just mentioned – then the one who rebels against such a ruler is not a Khariji; Rather, he is a Muslim, a Mu’min, a Muttaqi.”


11 Responses to “• are • we • khawaarij •”

  1. fulaan Says:

    nice, keep up the good work.

  2. bint Husayn Says:

    Ditto ^ =)

  3. al-Furqaan Says:

    Subhan’AllaaH How True May AllaaH (Swt) Hasten The Release Of Such a Noble Shaykh Aameen

    These alegations Towards the People Of Truth are Made By None Other Than The arrogant Talafies.

    Wallahi Its Soo True, I Was Once Sitting In a Halaqa and The Brother Was Going Through The Seerah Of Rasool’AllaaH, We Reached The point Of Propagation Of When The Deen Is Commanded To Be Proclaimed Publicly, He Questioned Us What are The Names Rasool’AllaaH (SAW) Was Called By The Quraysh …
    He Continued Instead Of Challending The Msg, The Words Of the Quran, They Began To character assasssinate calling Him Majnoon and So Forth.
    and applying That Today That Very Evening I Encountered Speaking To Talafie Who Instead Of Refuting My Claims Called Me Khawarij Subhan’AllaaH :(
    But May AllaaH Reward That Brother I Understood From This That These Talafies are arrogant, Troublem Makers, Backbiters Stubborn and Blinded From Seeing The Haq. I ask Them Where Is Their Humble Characters Now Which They Be Claimers Off. Wallaahi i hate Them SoOoo Much and Having One In The Family Doesn’t Make Life Easy.

    Subhan’AllaaH, AlhamdulillaaH Wallahu Akbar

  4. istiqaamah Says:

    May Allah protect us from their fitnah and guide them out of their deviancy!

  5. bint Husayn Says:

    awwwww al-Furqan. Shes going tomorrow insha allah. mayAllah protect her ameen. (I’m so bad I’m just writing on your blog as if we’re in class together and we’re passing notes to each other).

  6. istiqaamah Says:

    hehe dude trust me if we were in school passin notes i definitely woulda gotten the both of us caught (i still do get caught lol only now i dont care).. this is much better for the both of us :)

    May Allah accept her Hajj and give her strength through it and make our turns soon!

  7. bint Husayn Says:


    you’re so funny. mashaAllah.

    may Allah enable us to make the most of these blessed days ameen

  8. ghareeb Says:


    May Allah swt hasten the release of sheikh..Ameen
    May Allah swt guide madkhalis to haqq

  9. Abu Ikrimah Says:

    I would like to add this which is by your Favorite Shiekh:

    The “rented donkeys” say, on which’s back, the leaders (tawāghīt) and the Americans sit, steering it to the pit of destruction with what they forge upon the Believers with lies from where they perceive not, they say: because these Mujāhidīn and whoever befriends them : are from the Khawārij who came against the religion!!

    So I say, seeking help from Allāh:

    First: from the clear characteristics of the Khawārij is that verily they make takfīr of the one who does a kabīrah!! And we do not make takfīr of the one who does a Kabīrah, but and we neither make takfīr of the one who does a what repels (Nāqidh) from the Nawāgidh of Islām until we explain to him and establish the hujjah upon him.

    Secondly: The khawārij makes the blood of the muslims to be lawful, and we do not make the blood of the Muslims to be lawful except the intentional killer and the married adulterator and the one who comes out from his religion, the one who leaves the group of the Muslims, AND these are the rulings which your rulers have invalidated.

    Thridly: the “rented donkeys” said ‘the Mujāhidīn makes takfīr of the guardians of the affairs of the Muslims (wulātul Umūr, tawāghīt), they say this for a need in their selves: thus they want to make these rulers look like Alī and Mu’āwiyah and Amr bin Al Aas رضي الله عنهم, both are so far apart… verily the Mujāhidīn did not make takfīr on Ali or Mu’āwiyah or Umar رضي الله عنهم but they made takfīr of the one who allied with the Mushrikīn and fought against the religion and put the law of Allāh aside and made the law of the Kuffār to be the law, BECAUSE the One to Whom the Judgment and Command belongs have said “and those who do not judge with what Allāh has revealed are disbelievers” (Al Māidah 44), and He تبارك و تعالي said “and whoever befriends them from you, then he is of them” (AlMāidah 51), so these are rulings of Allāh from above the seven skies, but the donkeys do not understand.

    Fourthly: the khawārij takes the proofs where it does not belong!! And we have come to you with proofs from the Qurān and Sunnah and Ijmā and the sayings of the Imāms of the scholars from the salaf and khalaf, in regard of the kufr of the one who does legislate for people besides the law of Allāh, and regarding the disbelief of the who allies the enemies of Allāh, as for you, you have changed the proofs of the Qurān and Sunnah and Ijmā in the matter of jihād and Hākimiyyah to where it doesn’t change and taken in to where it doesn’t hold from making interpretations, to please your Lords besides Allāh!!

    Fifthly: The Khawārij views the obligation rebelling against the rulers due to committing fisq or oppression, and we do not view to rebel against the ruler except when we see a open kufr from him, in which we have a clear proof from Allāh, in which, the people of knowledge and understanding from the great scholars judges from those who say truth and do not fear in regards of Allāh a criticizing of the critics.

    Sixthly: the khawārij denies “shafā’ah” (interceding in the say of judgment) and we agree to it and we pray to Allāh to make us firm upon His religion until we meet the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم thus we reach it (Shafā’ah), as for the changers, the innovators in the religion it would be said to them “away away, stay far stay far”

    Seventhly: the khawārij got effected by the sayings of Jahamiyyah regarding the Qur’ān and ‘Seeing of Allāh’, and the saying M’utazilah in attributions, and said that there is no proof in the khabar ul Aahād (the narration in which there is a narrator in a part of the chain), and they do not view to follow the Sunnah which is against the Qurān [like stoning and the amount of theft and others besides it)… and we say what the Salaf of this Ummah said about the Qurān and Seeing of Allāh and validity of khabar Ahād and that the Sunnah explains the Qurān, so we are upon the creed of the Messenger of Allāh صلي الله عليه و سلم and Abu Bakr and Umar and Uthmān and Alī and all the Sahābah and the great Imāms and those who walked upon their path.

    And from here it becomes clear that those who rented these donkeys have made a great mistake to rent these donkeys, for these donkeys are more ‘donkeyish’ (invented word for ، فهذه الحمير أحمر من التي لها نهيق ) than the one which can bray. Because if they had brains, they would choose other than ‘Khawārij’, as a characteristic for the Mujāhidīn. So these people don’t know the meaning of that word…

  10. istiqaamah Says:

    Baarak Allaahu feek

    I had that saved and intended to use it as its own post. MashaAllaah, powerful words as always by our Shaykh Hussayn.

  11. Abu Ikrimah Says:

    Wa Feekum Baarakallaah;

    You can use the whole article, it is where you can find it easily.

    Assalaamu Alaikum

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