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“The satan never asks you to commit zina, but rather it says looking freely at women has no sin in it. Or discussing about them in ways the sahaaba were not found discussing, which will make the intention towards attaining the objective grow, until the limits which taqwa held on to you to control you will be lost, and ultimately you will find yourself doing what was most forbidden.

The satan never asks you to miss the tahajjud, but rather it asks you to eat fully and this will make you to sleep and will make it difficult to pray tahajjud.

The satan never asks you to backbite, but it rather asks you to warn about people, until you don’t understand what is Jar’h from backbiting and you will sit in the backbiting somebody.

The satan never asks you to worship him (in the first time) but rather asks you to respect things which were not respected by the sahaaba as it might lead to shirk.

The satan doesn’t asks you to throw the truth away or neglect it, but rather it shows the weakness of the person who brought it, and shows how knowledgeable you are compared to him.

The satan comes to you with what is Mubaah and what is makrooh or what is very insignificant in sin, and poisons you with that, until the poison becomes so great that your limbs would disobey you and remain dead, and it will be too late to recover.

So seek knowledge, ask for Allaah’s help and know the plots of the satan and stay away from it and the paths which leads to obey it.”

Wabillaahi At Tawfeeq.

may Allah ease the affair of the author of this beautiful piece, ameen.


One Response to “• understanding • shaytaan •”

  1. bint Husayn Says:

    excellant advice mashaAllah, may Allah make us amongst those whom are able to implement it ameen

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