• summary • of • the • deviation • of • the • madkhalee • ‘salafiyyah’ •

The Madaakhilah are the name of a sect which ascribes itself to Salafeeyah. They are named after Rabee’ bin Haadee al-Madkhalee (from the Madkhalee tribe). Just like the Ashaa’irah are named after Abul-Hasan al-Ash’aree (from the Ash’aree tribe).

They have been named other things too:

Jaameeyah: named after Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee, a scholar from Africa, who started some of the criticisms of scholars, students, and callers early on. I personally don’t like this name, because Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee is not as well known as Rabee’, nor does he hold as high a place amongst the sect, nor was he as extreme as Rabee’.

Salafeeyah Jadeedah: Neo-Salafeeyah.

Jamaa’at at-Tabdee’ wal-Hijrah: The group of declaring others innovators and boycotting.

Ad’iyaa’ as-Salafeeyah: Salafee claimants.

Khuloof: Which means those who came after (the Salaf), in reference to the Hadeeth in Saheeh
Muslim, “Then there will come Khuloof, who will say what they do not do, and do what they were not ordered, sowhoever does Jihaad against them with his hand, then he is a believer…”

Salafeeyoon Ahl al-Walaa‘: Those with alliance/friendship [to the government] Salafees. This term was coined up by a group of Madaakhilah in a research paper that they wrote for the interior minister of Saudi Arabia, to help him against “the callers to revolution.” The label has also been used against them by some of the scholars.

Murji’at al-‘Asr: The Murji’ah of the era, due to the fact that Irjaa’ runs rampand amongst their followers, although it is not their most unique trait. I prefer to call them Madaakhilah, because the person who spread their corrupt call east and west was Rabee’, May Allaah Give him what he deserves. He is also the most famous of their scholars.

As for their most unique trait (not their worst), I personally believe that to be their exaggerated and extreme understandings of Jarh and Tabdee’. Jarh is the science of disparaging narrators due to deficiency in their trustworthiness. This was practiced by the scholars so as to know from who Hadeeth can be accepted from, and from who should it be rejected. They also used it in the later generations in the sense from who can knowledge be taken from. Tabdee’ is to declare someone an innovator.

This extremity is most clear in their wrong application of the principle “whoever does not declare the innovator to be an innovator then he is an innovator.” So they misapply this principle as the Takfeeree groups misapply the correct principle “whoever does not declare the Kaafir to be a Kaafir then he is a Kaafir.” The starting point for the average and typical Madkhalee (layman or scholar) is Sayyid Qutb. Whoever does not declare him to be an innovator, then he is an innovator. Whoever does not declare the one who abstained from Tabdee’ of Sayyid, to be an innovator, then he also is an innovator, and onwards, until noone is left on the earth except the few members of their sect.

Due to their extremism, they followed the habits of Ahl al-Bida’ before them, so they further divided into subsects. Those who sided with Rabee’ on some issues, and those who sided with an Egyptian by the name of Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee. The division started over Abul-Hasan’s abstaining from declaring certain ndividuals innovators (in addition to other things), and those who abstained from declaring Abul-Hasan an innovator was grouped with him. This includes the Jordanian Madaakhilah who claim to be students of Shaykh al-Albaanee (which has been declared a false claim, by some of those who were close to the Shaykh, such as Aboo Maalik Muhammad Ibraaheem Shaqrah, an ex-Madkhalee).

The innovations and deviance of the Madaakhilah include:

• Believing that legislating manmade laws, complete abstinence from ruling by the Sharee’ah, or resisting to rule by the Sharee’ah, seeking judgement from Taaghoot, are all just minor Kufr, that do not exit the doer from the religion of Islaam, except with Istihlaal. Istihlaal is to believe his sin to be permissible. So they make the sins of major Kufr and major Shirk equal to lesser sins like adultery, drinking alcohol, etc., by placing the condition of Istihlaal on the major Kufr, which only exists as a condition for minor Kufr.

• Believing that actions of the limbs are not a pillar nor condition for the existence of Eemaan for one to be ruled a Muslim. So for them one can never pray, give Zakaah, fast Ramadaah, or do Hajj, never doWudoo’, never get Tahaarah, etc., and he would still be a Muslim, who’s Islaam can save him from Hellfire eventually. They would label him a sinner, as for a Kaafir, then no. So they have followed the Murji’ah of the past.

• Exaggerating the concept of excuse due to ignorance with regards to the rules of this life. So for them they excuse the one who calls himself a Muslim (i.e., they judge him a Muslim), in all situations, in all issues. So for them, there is no difference between the basis of Islaam, the matters that are known from the religion by necessity, or those issues that are less apparent or obvious. There is no difference between one who was raised amongst the Muslims, or the one who was not. There is no difference between the new Muslim, and others. All of them are always Muslims, even if they fall into many types of obvious Kufr and Shirk, because of the “possibility” of ignorance. This confusion amonst them also applies to the issue of Ta’weel (misinterpretation) by which (for example) they excuse many of the rulers who have pronounced their Istihlaal of their legislating manmade laws.

• Believing that major Walaa’ (alliance/friendship) with the Kuffaar is not major Kufr, unless the person internalizes a Kufr intention, such as wishing to aid the religion of Kufr, or to destroy Allaah’s Religion, etc. So if one were to lead the crusade against Islaam, head it, support it by wealth and blood, he would still be a Muslim, until he pronounces the internalized intentions of Kufr. So they do not make the act itself Kufr, until this innovated condition is proven.

• Believing that Jihaad cannot be Fard ‘Ayn upon the whole Ummah. Also, related to Jihaad, is believing that Jihaad is not permissible without an Islaamic state whose Imaam directs it. Believing Jihaad to be forbidden without the permission of the Imaam. All of this is regarding defensive Jihaad.

• Labelling those who do Takfeer of the apostate rulers and their soldiers to be Khawaarij or Takfeerees. They prohibit Khurooj against these apostate rulers, due to the fact that they rule them to be Muslims. If they rule some of them to be Kuffaar, they still prohibit it due to the fact it is not led by an Imaam (head of Muslim state).• Belittling the importance of awareness of current affairs and events, saying that such is only for the rulers and scholars, and that the laymen have no need for such. This foolish idea leads many laymen to believe the rulers in their lands to be Muslims, because they are unaware of the Kufr that he practices. So these laymen sometimes end up sacrificing themselves for the apostate ruler by being his sincere servants and slaves.

• Testing people on their positions regarding certain individuals they have labelled innovators. If the person agrees with them regarding their Tabdee’ then he is befriended, if not, he is taken as an enemy and belittled. The individuals they test people by, many times are labelled innovators based upon some of the above misunderstandings. Example: ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said Jihaad is Fard ‘Ayn, according the Madaakhilah this is an innovation, so he is an innovator. They ask Fulaan at the Masjid giving a lecture, what do you think of ‘Azzaam? He says he is good, then they consider him an innovator, or hold him suspicious.

• They blindly follow the official government scholars on their stances towards their governments and politics. So if the government scholars say peace with the Jews is fine in Palestine, the Madaakhilah parrot his words. Note: Not all government scholars are Madaakhilah, but the Madaakhilah blindly follow them in politics. Example, Ibn Baaz or Ibn ‘Uthaymeen are not Madaakhilah, although they might possibly have some branches of the Madkhalee fundamentals, but the Madaakhilah blindly follow their opinions that are related to politics.

• Holding a few people to be scholars in what they call “Manhaj.” Noone else can be questioned on these “Manhaj” issues. These “Manhaj” doctors include Rabee’, ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree, etc. They follow them blindly in issues of Jarh and Tabdee’.

• The Madaakhilah tend to have a supportive position of the Saudi apostate regime, although they are supportive of most of the apostate regimes in general. But due to the fact that some of them do do Takfeer of some of these regimes (Syria, Libya, etc.), they always are in agreement in praising and supporting the Saudi regime by heart and soul.

• They are very quick and easy in declaring people to be innovators, even over issues which are not innovation, rather from the best of Islaam! Like Jihaad. As for things that are indeed innovation, if one falls into them, they prohibit reading or praising anything that person wrote. For example, Sayyid Qutb had innovations, but so did many many scholars of the past and present, who Ahl as-Sunnah, as well as the Madaakhilah, both quote, such as Ibn Hazm, an-Nawawee,Ibn Hajr, etc. Yet they absolutely prohibit to treat the books of Sayyid Qutb, or others like him in the same respect.

• Due to the fact that they hold many of these apostate rulers to be legit Muslims rulers/governments, and those who revolt against them to be rebellious Khawaarij bandits, they permit allying and befriending the apostate governments, even if that ends up in aiding these apostates against a Muslim. This is probably the worst of the Madaakhilah’s crimes (for those who hold this position) since it is apostasy, the apostasy of Mudhaaharah (helping the Mushrikeen against the Muslims). In the end, they tend to take positions that are favorable for Islam’s enemies, harsh against the Muslims, mimicking the Khawaarij in their “killing of Islam’s people, leaving the idol-worshippers.”
Definitions and Reality of labels used by the Madaakhilah

Jihaadee: Anyone who believes that Jihaad today is Fard ‘Ayn.

Takfeeree: Anyone who does Takfeer of the apostate rulers.

Khaarijee: Anyone who says it is permissible to revolt against the apostate rulers.

Khaarijee bandit: Anyone who actively revolts against the apostate rulers.

Qutubee: Anyone who quotes Sayyid Qutb. Anyone who refers to him. Anyone who does not insist upon labelling him innovator. Anyone who acknowledges that he has mistakes, but still praises him due to his sacrifice and martyrdom.

Reviles the scholars: Anyone who criticizes the mistakes of the evil or government scholars. [He is accused of such (by the Madaakhilah) even if his criticism does not reach the level that the evil or government scholars deserve.]

Surooree: For anyone who is concerned over the situation of theUmmah, so he decided to read the news, or follow politics.

Hizbee: Anyone who organizes himself into a group for the bettermentof some Islaamic activity. They only permit it if the person has a Tazkiyah from some deviated scholar like Rabee3 or 3ubayd.

In addition to that, they have used the following:

Dirty groundhog (in reference to Shaykh Hamood ash-Shu3aybee).

Qutubee dog (in reference to SasJamal from CG).

Rabid dogs (in reference to anyone labelled with any of the above defined terms).

The dog (in reference to al-Imaam Ibn Laadin).

Perennial defender of Innovators and betrayer of the Salafee `Aqeedah
(in reference to Shaykh Ibn Jibreen).


9 Responses to “• summary • of • the • deviation • of • the • madkhalee • ‘salafiyyah’ •”

  1. al-Furqaan Says:

    But Who Is The Real Dog – No One Other Than Themselves

    Wallaahi Dirty Munafiqs, Who Lick the Soles Of the Tawagheet & Claim To Stand Up against Them Is Fitnah. Subhan’AllaaH What Jahiliyah

  2. Abdullaah Says:

    As-salaam ‘alaykum
    from the little i know about shaykh Rabee, i know definitely that they donot accept democracy but even see democracy and other manmade laws as kufr. the only difference is that they differentiate between kufr and takfeer that is declaring some one a kafeer. Since we all know that the man who said that Allah was his slave was not declared a kafir by the rasul salallah alayhi wa salaam since he did not mean that but never the less his statement was that of kufr. May Allaah guide us all.
    wa salaam alaykum wa rahmatuLlaah

  3. istiqaamah Says:

    wa alaykom assalaam

    likewise, we believe the act is that of kufr, but we do not make individual takfeer of the person who commits it until the hujjah is established on them, due to the ignorance people have of the tawheed of Allaah in this matter.

    Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi said in “The Doubts Regarding the Ruling of Democracy In Islaam”

    As for those who participate in this Shirk, then there is no doubt that they are committing Kufr and that their action is not permitted due to any of the aforementioned doubts and misconceptions listed here. However, what is equally certain is that most of our brothers and sisters who call to and participate in the democratic elections do not know the full reality of what this action implies. This is one point.

    Secondly, it is clear that most of those who do participate in the democratic elections only do so intending to bring about some good or to reduce some harm. And although we do not say that the intention of the one who performs Kufr or Shirk can stop that action from being described as such, what is correct is that the ignorance of the one committing this Shirk, while believing it to be a good action and intending obedience with that, is a preventative factor from the preventative factors of declaring them to be disbelievers.

    Therefore, we do not stop calling this action Shirk and Kufr, even if those who perform it intend good and virtue. [59] But since they are ignorant concerning the reality of this action and because the matter becomes confusing due to the verdicts (Fatāwa) of scholars who permitted it, based on some of the rules we have refuted, then immediately holding one upon the Kufr of this action is an extremist reaction and we do not do so until the matter has been clarified to him and all of his misconceptions are removed.”

    And in his warning to those who go to extremes in the matter of declaring disbelief (Takfīr) of others, Abū Muhammad Al-Maqdisī said the following about those who rush to perform Takfīr of those who participate in the democratic elections:

    “And from them are those who are brought and he sees those elaborate (campaign) posters, which have written upon them in bold text: “Islām is the Solution”, and the likes of that from the slogans, which the legislating polytheists deceive the general Muslims with. So they vote for them and choose them, due to their love for Islām and due to allegiance to its Sharī’ah and they do not know or do not intend the dead-end street of Shirk, which those representatives take to rule with some of the penalties of the (Islāmic) legislation in their claim. So this must all be considered with those who do not directly take legislation or take an oath to honor the laws of Kufr or take the judgment to them or other than that from the statements and actions of Kufr, which the representatives commit. As it is known that the voter does not do all of that, nor does he commit it. Rather, he only elects and delegates on his behalf, the one whom he chooses.”

    And then he went on to say, “And due to that, it is not permitted to rush to declare the disbelief (Takfīr) in the likes of him, except after establishing the clarification and making the reality of the actions of the legislating representatives plain to him, and that what they commit from the actions of Kufr, which nullify the religion of Islām and the Tawhīd of the Lord of all the Worlds. Then if he insists on voting for them after that (clarification), then he disbelieves. So it is a must to differentiate regarding the voters, between the one who did not intend that – rather he intended to choose something other than a legislator. So the second one is not made Takfīr to, except after establishing of the proof, because he; even though outwardly he has committed an act of Kufr, according to those who do not know his intention, but the misunderstanding of the situation and the misconceptions (surrounding it) and the fact that Democracy and Parliaments are under titles and names and phrases, which are foreign, some of the people began committing acts, while not being aware of their reality. So it is from the category of the one who issues a statement or utters a saying, which he does not know its meaning.” [60]

    So it is obligatory upon those who understand the reality of the ruling of Democracy and in particular, the ruling upon participating in democratic elections, to make this issue clear to the people and to clarify and remove these misconceptions.

    [59] Refer to the section “The Rule: Actions are Based on Intentions” and the explanation of Abū Hāmid Al-Ghazālī.

    [60] “Ar-Risālah Ath-Thalāthīniyyah Fī At-Tah’thīri Min Al-Ghulūwwi Fit-Takfīr ”, Pg. 418


  4. kaashif Says:

    You got told by the two brothers above. May Allaah curse you for spreading slander against the scholars with no proof.

  5. istiqaamah Says:

    Uh, I wrote the third post genius. And I’m a sister, not a brother. Care to tell me where i got “told”? I think I did a pretty good job replying to the second brother’s POLITE post, may Allah bless him.

    As for you, may Allah gather you with those you have no problem cursing another Muslim for. That is one of the Madaakhilah’s trademarks – harsh with the Muslims, soft with the non-Muslims. Seems you’re a textbook Madkhali.

  6. Aboo_ubaydah Says:

    Where are the evidences for your words??? The prophet salla laahu ‘alaihi wasallam came with al mufassal but you are givins the mujmalaat. Give us the mufassal!!! explain!

  7. istiqaamah Says:

    The proof for what words? All the Ayaat on Walaa and Baraa and Jihaad and Tawheed and Shirk are Muhkam Aayaat, the ones with understanding would be able to see how they apply.

  8. Abu-Sulaiman El-Bushnaq Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahamtullah to the believers,

    One of the most damaging groups to the Da’wa of Ahlu-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah is the disease of these Madkhalees. They are to be found in European countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, the UK and also in the US of A. Others can be found in countries like Yemen, Syria, Jordan, and Northern Africa. They are a virus that is more dangerous to the Muslim Ummah than either the Ahlu Bid’ah, Tabalighis, Sufis etc. And the new rise of Khawaariji extremists which the Prophet peace be upon them described as the “Dogs of Hellfire” that we see today.

    The Khawaarij are on one side and the Madkhhalees/Muqbilees on the other of the scale. Remeber brothers and sisters, Islam is in the middle of Christianity and Judaism and Ahlu Sunnah are in the middle of these devious groups.

    Main traits of Madkhalees:

    1. They are either of convert origin,northern Africans, sub-continent origin like Indians and Pakis and a lot of them from USA mainly from California and NY or Pensylvannia.

    2. They are the most arrogant people you will come across. If you spend maybe two minutes with them you will realise that their hearts are hardened with kibr/pride and shrouded with darkness/ignorance.

    3.They think they are knowledgable, but they are more blind in the eyes and hearts than any creature on the earth.

    4. Their main way of discussing or arguing is with foul language, and total disregard when they speak and slander other people who are not of their “Salafi” group. Like Ali At-Tameemi, Bilal Philips, Yaasir Qaadhi, OBL, Mujahideen and other more promenant ‘ulama and people who have given Victory to this Deen. One quote of their’s “The Talibaan are Mushrikoon” first hand account heard. Yet they accuse others of being Takfeeris. The Talibaan are the only group that has managed to apply the proper way of Shariah upon a whole country for six and a half years. No doubt that there might have been mistakes or ignorant people amongst them, but to reject them and their fine work is only insolence and a trait of ignorance.

    5. They don’t at all like Ikhwaan Al-Muslimeen the old ones or the new ones and call them with the most bitter title. Their sheikh rabia’ madkhalee wrote his PHD on how Sayyid Qutb is a bad man, a deviant, a Sufi, denier of Allah’s Names and Attributes. (No doubt we are all sinners and make mistakes, but the best sinner is the one that repents) This is all for a man who was martyred by the oppressive Egyptian Pharaohs, and the first with Hasan al-Banna to revive the Muslim ummah and initiate the return to our forgotten obligation which is Al-Jihad. Because of these two men, we until today taste the fruits of their efforts in Afghanland, Checheniland, Land of Bosnia, Land of Iraq, Land of Somalia, East Asia… Yet this great “Alim” may Allah guide him and forgive him, chose to write an EIGHT volume refutation of Sayyid Qutb full of false accusation. This book was sent to the high authority sheikh of Saudi Arabia Bakr Abu Zaid rahimahullah for recommendation. But the sheikh rejected his work, and stressed on him not to publish it as its accusation “give goosebumps to the Muslims” and “work fit for an amature” etc. You can find this letter of Madkhalee’s phd recommendation rejection inarabic on the net.

    As a brother, I sincerely think that this group is being run and overlooked by a higher authority for their own vain purposes, just as with “AL-QAIDA” and the takfeeris. They are tools to stop the da’wah of Ahlu Sunnah. Do not! Let these people come into your community. If you do, you will just realise a little later that this advice that I was giving you, not forcing upon you was valid. I have experience in my life with all of deviant sects but the most dangerous is this one as it is type of Mimic. They say they are Salafis, and that they are the purest form of Ahlu Sunnah and that everyone else is on error. Such a tool of sinister powers will bring to any community destruction if they get any chance.

    May Allah keep us firm on the Haq and guide these misguided amatures.
    Islam is protected by Allah until the Day of Judgement.

    Wa assalamu alaikum wa rahamtullah

    Please forgive my harsh sentiments..I’m fiery and frank in nature.

  9. Bilal Says:

    Jazak Allaahu khayr. Excellent article.

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