• but • the • hujjah • hasn’t • been • established • on • them! •

A question was posed to shaikh Abu Baseer at-Tartusi on the hujjah not being established on the rulers. He replied:

“The Tawagheet Leaders are more knowledgble then Iblees about Islam, do you have to establish evidence upon the person who knows already? you establish evidence on the person who is Jahil who does not know, for example someone who is disabled and not able to access knowledge, these type of people we establish Hujjah against, we said that the person who knows or who is able to know has no excuse of ignorancy, this person is rejecting to find out what Allah (swt) says, these people you do not have to establish Hujjah against. We find the Books of Ibn Taymiyyah and the Quran al-Kareem itself with the official stamp of the Kings of Saudi Arabia! By putting this condition of Hujjah upon leaders you are stopping the Hukm of Allah (swt) coming and being applied upon them. The one who does intercession for stopping the Hukm of Allah (swt) being applied i.e. does not allow to apply the Hudood of Killing the murderer who murdered without just cause, he is becoming a rival to Allah (swt) likewise the people who do let the Hukm of Allah (swt) come upon the leaders are becoming rivals to Allah (swt). How many Ulema do we know that have established Hujjah against the leaders ? have they changed ? not at all, in fact these same Ulema have been imprisoned. To say to establish Hujjah upon these people (Tawagheet Leaders) has no meaning, It is just empty play and they want to stop the rule of Allah (swt) coming upon these people. We have heard this speech for tens of years and every year they come with a new doubt for the Tawagheet these Ulemaa of Irjaa, the only purpose they come with these doubts is to defend the Tawagheet not to please Allah (swt) or stand for his (swt’s) Deen. They call us Kuffar, Takfeeris, Terrorists, Khawaarij in which case they mean we are Kuffar, these same people when they face the Tawagheet with pleasing, polite and soothing speech, they make Takfeer upon the Muslims who want to implement Allah (swt’s) law, they are Murjiah in relation to the Tawagheet and with Ahlul Tawheed they are Khawaarij, one of the attributes of Khawaarij is that they kill the believers and leave the idol worshippers, take positions that are favourable for Islam’s enemies, harsh against the Muslims, mimicking the Khawaarij in their “killing of Islam’s people, leaving the idol-worshippers.””


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