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this is a must read! a beloved sister shared it today.

Assalamu alaikum wr wb

SubhanAllah alot do we hear about the karamat of Allah to the mujahideen on the battle fields. But little do we hear of the karamat of Allah to the family of the mujahideen or to the muhajireen women that left there homes and comforts to go forth seeking the pleasure of Allah and giving forth what they could for the sake of Allah and to serve the ummah as much as they could

Brothers and sisters it is very easy to say hijrah …ra ra ra jihad ra ra ra
But when it comes to the 3amal (actions) very little do we act.

And many thoughts run through our minds and many worries
And those worries are legitimate worries especially for the men and for the single mothers that are responsible for their families

But we must remeber that Allah is the razzaq and He the most high said:
wa man yatawakala ala Allah yaj’al lahu makhraja wa yarzaqahu min haythu la yahtasibAnd who ever trusts in Allah Allah makes a way out for them and provides for them from where they do not expect

This must be a foundation for your hijrah and jihad….. Shiekh Abu qutadah(may Allah release him) was onces asked by a sister: If a man has a family and children is it still wajeb upon him to go forward?? knowing that he is the source of income to his family???

shiekh Abu qutadah (may Allah release him) replied in the most wise way and said: Sister if a soldier of one of these western countries die in battle or is injured in battle does not the governmet of that country continue to pay him or his family a pension???

the sister replied :yes

he said: then how is it then my dear sister a soldier of Allah goes forth for His sake and Allah will not continue to look after and provide for his family that that soldier left behind and placed them in Allah’s care???

May Allah release this noble shiekh ameen………

Allahu akbar !!!!! subhanAllah where is our belief in Allah’s asma was sifaat??? That He is Al hafeth-Al razaaq-Al-mu3een……….

May Allah grant us thabat and may He make our tawakul only upon HIM and HIM alone….ameen

This is a story of tawakul that my family and I experienced in the lands of ezza.

This occurred in the first Afghanistan jihad .

My mother(hafithaha Allah) took us to pakistan in 1990 and we stayed in a place called pabi, it was at that time known as the village of muhajiroon as many of the families of the mujahideen stayed there
it was a three streets made of poor mud houses on dirt roads…..
and situated on each end of the streets was a tent with armed afghan gaurds….

My mother(hafithaha Allah) at that time worked in the muhajireen hospital.

But as time went on and the political situation changed in Pakistan and the taghiyah banazeer buto(may Allah curse her) went into power,
So alot of the brothers were being arrested or deported to their countries

So the mujahideen and their families were facing a hard time as the kafalah(financial support) From the richer arab countries had stopped

So my mother(H.A) at that point was working in the hospital with no pay as they could not afford to pay her anymore

SubhanAllah it came to the day that we had spent our last rupia on bread and we had nothing. my mother had used the last grain of lentels in the house and we had no more carasene (not sure how to spell it) but the fuel that is used in stoves in those third world countries,

SubhanAllah i remeber this day very clearly… it was summer and 50 dagrees heat the ground was extremely dry and if anyone walked on it. it would cause clouds of dust. We had just prayed thuhr, when my mum called us and sat us down And continued to explain to us the ayah i stated above and how we made hijrah and Allah will not leave us but at the same time we must face hardships as the sahbah did. I could clearly see how my mother was holding back her tears as she continued to tell us how we spent our last rupia and that she did not know how and when our next meal would be

So she told us to make dua and she held us all…subhanAlla my siblings were too young to understand but i was old enough and i began to cry..
When subhanAllah the door knocked …We were a bit shocked because no one left their houses at thuhr time it was just too hot

So my brother and I ran to the door and opened the door

We saw this big brother dressed in black and was wearing a black turben behind him was a brand new shiny pick up .

He smiled to me and my brother and asked: Is this the house of UM……

We replied: yes it is….

He said: Can you give her this…..and he handed my brother a white envelope

we ran inside and gave it to my mother, when she opened it she found enough money to last us 5 months Allahu akbar

she said who was that man?

we replied we dont know, as we never seen him before he wasnt the father of any of our friends and everyone knew eachother and he wasnt from any of the un married mujahideen we had seen in pabi

my mother told us to quickly run out and ask who he was and what was his name? and how did he know of us?

my brother ran out to find he had disapeared and we had only been gone for less than a minute!!!

There was no sighn of a car and we did not hear the sound of a car drive off neither was there the massive dust cloud the cars left behind when driving through the dirt road

We were shocked and amazed…SubhanAlla where could he have gone???

we ran up the road to both of the guards and asked them

where did that big new pick up go??

they replied:what pick up no pick up entered the street…

Allahu akbar at that point we were so confused and we returned to our mother and told her…

subhanAllah till this day i believe that Allahu alam, Allah sent that man and if i close my eyes i can still see his face and exactly what he wore and the car subhanAllah and i can remember thinking mashaAllah what a big new beautiful car…

Allah makes ways and provides from where one does not expect truly we experianced the truth of this ayah

and ALlah does not go against His divine promise..

And this story has been a leaning stone for me in my trials and I hope it can be of comfort for anyone that is facing a hard time in taking that first step to make hijrah and leave behind his stable income ……

may Allah make easy the affairs of the mumin that want to do hijrah fi sabeelillah

wassalamu alaikum wr wb


2 Responses to “• a • tale • of • tawakkul •”

  1. Samaa' Says:

    MashaAllah that post was such a good read. Man, I wasnt even upto the story – I just read what Abu Qatadah said and I was like “WOW!”


    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters,

    The article is mashALLAH very good, but there is a slight mistake in it. The quranic ayat “wa man yattaqillaha yajallahu makhraja…..”. Translation: And whosoever fears Allâh and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). (surah talaq, verse:2). I just wanted to make all of you aware of the error, as its ALLAH’s book. May ALLAH give the author ajr for such a wonderful article.

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