• the • poised • arrow •

Who amongst us,

is like the Poised Arrow

the last arrow taken from the quiver

And placed upon the Bow of Struggle and Perseverance

the hands on the Bow have ceased to shake

Fear of the Enemy

Extinguished by the Fragrance of the Maidens

So, set your eyes straight

and fixed upon the horizon

Men have left their homes

And women have become widows

Weddings have been replaced with burials

And celebratory cheers are followed by the hail of bullets

Happy faces drowned out by tears

And the most sacred of sacred

Have been defiled and violated

O Allah, to you we turn

And if you forsake us today

Will the Taghout replace the Qiblah

With the shadow of his Throne

Keep our feet firm and our resolve strong

Today, the Mujaahid of the East

Has set his Arrow

To target the Pharaohs of the West

While the whispers of the Doubtful

Are like the wind

Which attempts to hamper the strike

They say :

Look, all you have is this broken arrow

How can you overcome the fortresses and the citadels

By Allah, what if Dawud hadn’t slung that simple stone

And if Ibraheem hadn’t struck that first idol

And if Usamah hadn’t shoved the Romans’ nose in the dirt

By Allah, if we listened to the Doubtful

Who are many, throughout our History

Had we listened

What would have stopped them

From taking us all as obedient and powerless slaves

O Heroes of Islaam

And the Vanquishers of Falsehood

Keep straight your elbows

And pull back in the Name of Allah

And release the Waves of Justice and answer the call

The call from the Echoes of the Oppressed

Praised is the One

Who places his soul upon this Arrow

Which enters the Pits of Brimstone

And the Valleys of crushed bones

And the Rivers of rushing blood and burnt flesh

The One who flies toward those in need

And fears not the Blame of the Blame-worthy

The Poised Arrow

~ written by a brother, hafidhahullaah wa razaqahu ash-shahaadah


3 Responses to “• the • poised • arrow •”

  1. Samaa' Says:

    Mustafa as in brother Mustafa?!

  2. istiqaamah Says:

    lol no.. sister mustafa :p

    ur so funny man! yes hehe it’s brother mustafa hafidhahullah

    ps- i knew what u meant i just had to throw that corny line in there, u know me.. =P

  3. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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