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a beautiful sister shared this today. subhanAllah!!

Assalamu alaikum sisters ……

i wanted to share a story of a shaheed that is not known to many but as Umar r.a said : Umar does not know them but Umar’s Lord knows them….

this story happened in the first Afghanistan jihad at the time of fateh Kabul ( the opening of Kabul)

This is also a story of a young couple that had true love that a married couple should have, the love that Allah will be most pleased with, because it was love for His sake. And as much as they both loved each other they both loved Allah more, and would always put the the desire of continually being together for the chance to serve Allah s.w.t

The brothers name was Zaid at-Tayyaar from Yemen, meaning Zaid (the flyer)

The brother was given this name by the other mujahideen. Because no matter where Zaid was and what he was doing if he heard that a battle had broken out between the brothers and the enemies of Allah he would drop what he was doing and fly to the battle ground seeking the victory of the muslims and hoping to attain shahadah it it’s process..

His wife said: suhbanAllah every time my husband leaves the front door i have to farewell him as if it’s his last time because even if i ask him to buy me a kilo of onions or tomatoes it could be the last time i see him. because i don’t know who would come but and invite him to the battle ground and he would surely fly there..

One day his wife asked him if he could buy her a hand bag and some groceries from the markets so Zaid (at-tayyar ) went to the Sader bazzar it was the market place in peshawer . As he was buying the items his wife requested he met a group of brothers buying some things they needed and they seemed in a hurry. After greeting them he asked them: why are you brothers in a hurry?

They replied because we are just getting the things the ameer requested before we head back to Afghanistan. There is heavy fighting going on InshaAllah we will fateh Kabul (Open kabul)

So what did you think Zaid at-tayyar’s reaction was? He also jumped on the back of the pick up truck and went to the battle ground. SubhanAllah zaid at-tayyar was martyred within 24 hours of his arrival to kabul but not after showing the enemy his bravery and his willingness to shed his blood for the sake of Allah

When the women of the muhajireen arab was at zaid at-tayyar’s wifes home to be with her they said they had never seen a women so happy for her husband’s shahadah and continuosly had a smile on her face and holding her pregnant stomach saying

Absher ya ibni abuk shaheed …(glad tidings oh my son your father is shaheed)

As the sisters were there the door knocked and the brothers had returned the bags Zaid at-tayyar had taken with him to kabul. when it was given to his wife she opened them and found…….

The hand bag and groceries she had asked for And a unfinished letter he had started to write for his wife that said:

“to my dearest wife before i continue i say may Allah be pleased with you and you are the reason that made my hijrah and jihad easy…”

At seeing this she hang her head low and began to weep the sisters turned to each other and said: Miskeenah it has finally hit her her husband is shaheed .

Zaid’s wife raised her head and said :”Wallahi i do not cry for the loss of my husband in the battle grounds for he died a lion nor do i cry for this unborn child that he shall never see his father for neither did the Prophet. But i cry because i see my husbands kindness in dealing with me and i remember my harshness when dealing with him. he bought me a brown bag knowing i loved the colour brown even though i did not specify the colour i wanted … and the morning of his shahadah before he went to the markets to buy this bag and she held it while weeping and her tears falling onto the bag he asked for some fried eggs and I was too tired and cold to get up to make them so he made it for both him and I….

Ya Allah please forgive me ..ya Allah please forgive me….ya Allah please forgive ”

thats what she kept on saying for the rest of the night…

May Allah accept Zaid from amongst the shuhadaa and give him 72 hur ameen
And give the sister firdous al a3laa and keep safe and her children safe where ever they are ameen

subhanAllah it was later said that the sisters second husband was also shaheed when she was pregnnat with her second son suhanAllah both of her sons were sons of shaheed and they never got to know their fathers

may Allah unite them with their fathers in firdous and allow them to follow their fathers footsteps….



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  1. Samaa' Says:


  2. istiqaamah Says:

    i know! Allahu akbar! i wish iki was here to read it, she’d love it :(

  3. Gulf Coast African Lion Says:

    Wa leikum salam. Thank you for the comment on my blog. This post was helpful, too. If more sisters encouraged brothers in this regard the way they encourage brothers to bring home more dunya, there would be more mujahideen.

  4. istiqaamah Says:

    it’s no wonder so many brothers prefer marriage in the aakhirah to marriage in the dunyaa. may Allah make your wife even better than the wife in this account, ameen.

  5. ccc Says:

    that was beautiful…jzk khr habibtiii =)

  6. al-Furqaan Says:


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