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this is a perfect explanation of what just happened in Pakistan… but it was written over 50 years ago. Subhaan Allah


Conflict Between Islam & Imperialism

“Islam and imperialism are by nature fatal enemies of each other. Imperialism is afraid of Islam to such an extent that the mere imagination of Islamic revival makes it restless, sleepless and shiver in its shoes. It never gets worried at the enormous increase of the number of political parties secular in character. But it cannot countenance the emergence of any Islamic party. The establishment of even a small Islamic party torments it like fire. It knows that common political parties seek realization of material and secular objectives and it was not difficult to satisfy them or win them over. But a true Muslim seeks the pleasure of the Almighty Lord and pursues the path of martyrdom in the way of Allah. It is not easy to seduce such a Muslim with worldly offers or to turn him away from the pursuit of his lofty ideal.

Whenever the passion for Jehad, war and martyrdom in Muslim countries re-awakens, the Western powers conspire with ‘Muslim’ rulers and prevail upon them to perpetrate atrocities on the pioneers of Islam and to stop them from marching on the road to Islam and thus prevent them from advancing towards Islam. But the true Muslims refuse to bow or surrender and thereby have to face two-pronged attacks from their own brethren in faith as well as from the enemies of Islam. To meet this challenge, they pray to Allah and seek his blessings for perseverance and courage. This conflict opens the eyes of common, unwary Muslims. They see with their own eyes the real enemy of Islam and its followers. Ultimately their sympathy and active cooperation go to those who fight and die in the way of Allah. ”

From: Abdul Qadir Audah’s – Islamic System of Justice; Chapter 7: Conflict Between Islam and Imperialism

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