• duaa • for • the • rulers •

Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, fakk Allaahu asrah
in Haadhihi ‘Aqidatuna — This is Our Aqeedah

And Duaa’ for the rulers and leaders be they Muslims or Kuffaar is from the innovations of Jumu’ah according to us and it is a sign of one having entered into their obedience. We hate it and censure it. The Salaah behind the one who leaves it from Ahlus Sunnah is more beloved to us. We do not declare the Salaah invalid due to it nor do we hold that it should be repeated, unless the Duaa’ is clear in giving aid to the Tawaagheet or their polytheistic Deen, thereby, their ruling would be that of their helpers and soldiers. Assistance by the tongue is the twin half of giving assistance by the spear.


3 Responses to “• duaa • for • the • rulers •”

  1. Muwahida Says:

    May Allaah curse the tawagheet and their helpers….!!!

    fakkalaahu asraka ya shaykhanal faadil.. =(

  2. istiqaamah Says:

    that book was one of the first i read on the manhaj and i found it so easy and so clear and so balanced. definitely recommend it. may Allah free abu muhammad and increase him in benefit to the ummah. his words and his poetry always hit the heart :(

  3. Muwahida Says:

    Yeah MaShaa’Allaah that one and Millat Ibraheem (y) was among my first aswel and i loved them

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