• verily • the • shaitaan • is • persistant •

“And may Allaah تبارك و تعالى have mercy upon Ibnul Qayyim رحمه الله when he brought attention to this dangerous matter and said – “verily the Shaitaan is persistent and very slow in giving up.”

So he waits in ambush for the believer and sits in his path of walking towards Allaah تبارك و تعالى , and then Shaitaan set ups traps and nets for him. And he does not go for what is minor until he loses hope of and fails in what is greater.

So he starts by putting up the trap of shirk and kufr; an if he evades that…

He would put up the trap of innovation; if he crosses it….

He would prepare for him the net of major sins; if he walks past it….

He would prepare the net of minor sins; and if he is saved….

He would make him busy in the permissible matters; and if he is not victorious…

He would ambush and hide for him in the matters of worship which hold lesser reward, and busy him with them and beautify them in his eyes and he will show him how much reward and benefit it has; so that he can make him busy away from what holds more priority (more reward) and is much greater in earning and benefit.

That is; if he is defeated in giving loss in the real reward, he would want to give him loss in its completeness and reward and high levels,

So he would make him busy with ‘what is pleasing’ and not what is ‘most pleasing’

So he would make him busy with seeking the knowledge of Kifaaya (not waajib) from the fardh Ayn of Jihaad, and he would beautify for him the Jihaad of dawah (while) the door of Jihaad with sword is open in its struggle….”

taken from Il’haq bil Qāfilah , by Abu Mus’ab Az-Zarqaawi رحمه الله


5 Responses to “• verily • the • shaitaan • is • persistant •”

  1. Samaa' Says:

    br Sayyidddddddddddd!

    SubhanAllah Sis I was just looking for this the other day!

    jazaakillahu khayran

  2. istiqaamah Says:


    hafidhakillah :)

    wa iyaaaaaki

  3. istiqaamah Says:


    Don’t waste your time trying to spam my blog with your long, useless comments. They’re never gonna see the light of day.

    ta-ta :)

  4. Samaa' Says:


  5. istiqaamah Says:

    lol i’ve taught you well miss samaa’ :D !

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