• but • later • they • loved • it •

“The fighting”, even though by its nature is disliked by the human soul because of the liability, of being killed, or being taken as a captive, or being injured, with the wasting of the wealth, the damaging of the industries, the destruction of the country, the spreading of fear and awe in the souls and the (possibility) of being exiled from one’s homeland, Allâh had made ready an immensely good reward that cannot be imagined by a human soul.

‘Ikrimah said: At first Muslims disliked it (Jihâd), but later they loved it and said: “We listen and obey.” And that is because the submission to the order to fight means hardship, but if the reward is made known it becomes [obligatory] to compare the hardship involved and its reward.


from Jihaad in the Qur’an and Sunnah by shaikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid


2 Responses to “• but • later • they • loved • it •”

  1. Caravan of Martyrs Says:

    assalamu alaykum,

    mashallah this blog is just full of ‘Ilm. May Allah reward you abundantly for all your hardwork in spreading the Haqq.


  2. istiqaamah Says:

    wa alaykum as-salaam wa rahmatullah

    ameen, wa iyaakum

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