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 As mentioned by a Sahābī Rabī bin Āmer , when he was sent by the Messenger of Allah to Persia to the Tāghūt of Fāris, this Tāghūt asked Rabī, “what is the purpose of you coming here and fighting our nation?” Rabī replied in his famous golden statement: Allāh sent us to change the people from worshipping other creations to worshipping the Creator of these creations and from the oppression of other religions to the justice of Islām and from the prison of this life to the expanse of this life and the hereafter. These words encompass the whole purpose of the Messengers and those who follow them and those who follow them until the end of time.

If this was the purpose of these people then their fighting and conquering is a mercy for the people. The wars of the people of Islām are not like the wars that we have today, that of Britain and America. They come to us and want to change our Worship from Allāh to that of the creations like themselves, from the justice of Islām to the oppression of their man made law and from the prison of this world to the prison of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. History attests to the fact that the Muslims where the most just, the most fair and merciful when they used to conquer countries because there was no self reason for it, it was done the sake of Allāh. The purpose which they used to work for was to try and get the people away from Shirk and the worshipping of idols and the path to hellfire. This is why Islām was sent as a mercy to Mankind as mentioned in the Qurān. It does not matter how much they try and twist the history they still cannot find examples where the Muslims where oppressive to the Kuffār and took away their rights as the Kuffār have done to the Muslims today.

from the Conditions of Laa Ilaaha Ilaa Allaah, by Abu Baseer at-Tartusi, hafidhahullah


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