• characteristics • united • in • the • shuhadaa’ •

by ash-Shaikh ash-Shaheed, Abdullaah ‘Azzaam, rahimahullah, in ‘Ushaaq al-Hoor

[ .. so  “aspiring shuhadaa” – i would hope we all look to ourselves and between ourselves and Allah recognize how many of the following traits we possess; and i ask Allah to make us all worthy of the end we are seeking .. ameen .. ]

” … and i noticed that most of the shuhadaa’ I lived amongst were united by certain traits, at the head of which are

1) Guarding the tongue against speaking about the Muslims

2) A clean heart towards the Muslims

3) Acting in silence and staying away from the din of the media

4) Obeying the Ameer- if he is in the rearguard, he is in the rearguard

5) Lack of debate about what they are directed to do

6) Copious modesty, superior manners and strong respect for the scholars and the elders and the Muslims

7) Extreme care in staying within the front lines, and fleeing from atmospheres of ease and peacefulness and normalcy

8 ) Their tongues do not move except to mention the good of the Muslims and they do not look to the front lines or the mujaahideen except for their virtues, and they see themselves as insignificant next to those who resisted a resistance that would burden the unshakeable mountains …

… and may Allah have mercy on a man who knows his limits and stays within them “


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