• could • it • be • comprehended? •

Ibn Taymiyyah said,
“Could it be comprehended that people would say to the Prophet, “We believe in what you came with in our hearts without any doubt. And we accept (i.e. pronounce) the Shahādatayn on our tongues. But we will not obey you in anything that you order us to do or to avoid. So will not pray or fast or perform Hajj or believe in your words and we will not return what we are entrusted with and we will not fulfil our covenants and we will not do any of those good things that you order us with. We will drink alcohol and we will commit open fornication with those whom it is Harām and we will kill whomever we can from your companions (and) from your ‘Ummah and we will take their wealth we will kill you also and we will fight against you with your enemies’? Would a sane person think that the Prophet would say to them, ‘You are believers with complete ‘Imān and you are from the people of my intercession on the Day of Judgment and hopefully, none of you will enter the Fire.’? Every Muslim knows from basic (common sense) that he would say, ‘You are the most disbelieving in what I have come with!’And he would cut of their heads if they did not repent from that.”

from Ibn Taymiyyah’s Fataawaa, 7/287.


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