• the • men • have • lost • their • manhood •

Ibn-al-Jawzi, rahimahullah  said:

“O people! Why have you forgotten your religion, left your pride, and failed to give nasr (aid) to Allah? So, He will not grant you victory. You imagined that pride is the lot of the infidels while Allah made pride the lot of Allah, His messenger, and the believers.

Woe unto you! Are you not pained when you see the enemy of Allah and your enemy stepping on your land, which was watered by the blood of your fathers? This enemy is humiliating and enslaving you and you were the masters of the world. Are you not moved or provoked when you see your brothers surrounded by the enemy, humiliating them? Do you eat, drink, and enjoy the luxury of life while your brothers there are set on fire and sleep on ashes?

O people! The war broke out; the call for jihad has been raised; and the doors of the sky have opened. If you are not the knights of the war give way to women to wage the war. Go take the braziers and kohl. O women with turbans and beards! If you are not so, then here are the horses and here are their reins. Do you know how these reins are made? They are made by women from their own hair because this is the only thing they have. The hair of women, which was kept away even from the sun, was cut because the history of love had ended and the history of the holy war for the sake of Allah had begun. If you cannot ride these horses, take the reins because they are made of women’s hair (shu’ur) and you have no feelings (shu’ur) in your hearts.”

He then threw the reins over the heads of people and shouted:

O pillars of the mosque, come down; o stones of the mosque, come down; o hearts, feel pain. The men have lost their manhood.”
By Allah, it is true. Men have lost their manhood.

inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’oon..


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