• our • state • is • reflected • in • our • rulers •

Ibnul Qayyim in Miftaah Daar as-Sa’aadah, 2/177-178

” And ponder upon Allah’s Wisdom when He made kings of the people and their leaders and the men of authority over them a reflection of their deeds, as though [the ruled’s] deeds appear in the form of their kings and their rulers.

  • So if the ruled are upright, then their rulers will be upright.
  • And if the ruled incline away [from justice], their leaders will do the same
  • And if they oppress, then their kings and their rulers will oppress
  • And if there appears between them plotting and deception, then their rulers will be this way
  • And if they deprive people of their rights and become miserly as to the rights of others, then their kings and rulers will deprive them of their rights
  • And if the ruled take away from the oppressed and weak among them that which they deserve not to take in their transactions with them, then their kings and rulers will do that towards the ruled’s wealth and take what is not their right to take, and impose taxes and assignments on them. And whatever the ruled take from the oppressed and weak unjustly, then their rulers will do the same to them and take from them by force

So the actions of the ruled are reflected in the actions of the rulers.

And it is not from the Divine Wisdom that Allah assign authority over the wicked and the evil except those who are of their kind. Since the first generation was of the best generation and the most righteous, so were their rulers.

It does not befit Allaah’s Wisdom that in our times those assigned to us be the likes of Mu’aawiyah or Umar bin Abdul-Azeez, not to mention Abu Bakr and Umar. Rather, our rulers are in accordance with our condition. And the rulers of those before us were in accordance with their condition. And this is mandated by the wisdom of Allah in both cases. “


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