• it • has • 7000 • benefits •

Some of the wise have said:

Silence has 7,000 benefits, and they can be gathered into 7 short statements, each one has 1,000 benefits.

  • the first: silence is worship without effort
  • the second: it is adornment without jewelry
  • the third: it inspires awe without authority
  • the fourth: it is a fortress without walls
  • the fifth: it spares you from apologizing to anyone
  • the sixth: it is a repose given to al-Kiraam al-Kaatibeen*
  • the seventh: it is a cover for your faults

and it is said that silence is the adornment of the scholar and the cover of the ignorant [and who of us is not ignorant?]

[tanbeeh al-ghaafileen, 153-154]

*al-Kiraam al-Kaatibeen : the honorable angels who record your deeds


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