• the • happy • and • the • unhappy •

Mu’awiyah said:

“I heard the Messenger of Allah saying in a sermon of one of the feasts:

‘O people! Indeed, worldly life is an abode of tribulation and a place of worry and suffering. The minds of the happy are removed from it and it is forcefully pulled away from the hands of the unhappy. Therefore, the happiest people are those who shun it, and the most unhappy people are those who desire it. Indeed, it misleads those who seek its advice, and leads astray those who obey it, and unfaithful to those who surrender to it.The successful one is the one who turns his back on it, and the doomed is the one who plunges into it.

Goodness is for a servant of Allah who fears his Lord in this life, exhorts his soul, sends forth his repentance and restrains his lust before this worldly life ejects him into the Hereafter. Then he turns within the gray, uninhabited, dark earth where he cannot add any good deed or remove any evil deed.

Then he will be resurrected and will be sent either to an eternal pleasure of Paradise or to a Fire which is doom inexhaustible.'”

sermon 32 in the sermons of the Prophet Muhammad, p.72


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